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  • Board of Trustees’ Capital Projects Committee explores funding strategies and works with county officials on the best path forward for the plan.

  • Board and Library leaders conduct presentations with community groups and individuals.

  • October 26 – Library announces new Strategic Plan “Your Window to Lifelong Learning and Discovery”.

  • December 4 – Library Executive Director pens Journal Gazette Op Ed highlighting future library plans.


  • June 2 – November 15: ACPL continues to gather feedback via formal and informal stakeholder meetings

  • June 2: No petitions received. Bond is not contested, moves to next stage

  • May 3 – June 2: Community given the opportunity to contest via petition. This would force the bond to a community referendum.

  • April 21 and 28: ACPL holds preliminary determination public hearings to invite public comment. Baker Tilly presented information at the hearings on bond financing and taxpayer impact.

  • April 7: Board of Trustees meeting – Bostwick Design Partnership presented final facility recommendations. ACPL Board of Trustees voted to receive the plan.

  • March 9 – Board of Trustees hold special public meeting to provide Overview and Summary of Facility Master Plan Public Engagement thus far

  • February 9, 6-8pm: Shawnee Branch Open House – Feedback on FMP Public Comment Draft – Focus on Shawnee, Hessen Cassel, Pontiac

  • February 5, 10am-Noon: Dupont Branch Open House – Feedback on FMP Public Comment Draft – Focus on Dupont, Grabill, Little Turtle

  • February 1, 6:30-8:30pm: Grabill Branch Open House – Feedback on FMP Public Comment Draft – Focus on Grabill, Monroeville, Woodburn

  • January 31, 6-8pm: Aboite Branch Open House – Feedback on FMP Public Comment Draft – Focus on Aboite and Waynedale

  • January 24, 6-8pm: Georgetown Open House – Feedback on FMP Public Comment Draft – Focus on Georgetown, Tecumseh, New Haven

  • January 6 – February 13: Public Survey

  • January 10, 7-9pm: Virtual Livestream FMP Public Presentation

  • January 5: FMP recommendations presented to Board of Trustees


  • September 29: Multicultural focus group

  • September 23: Homeschool Community focus group

  • August- Present: Ongoing community engagement opportunities

  • July 12-31: Online community survey with 704 responses

  • July 19: Community Conversations for Teens

  • July 14, 15 and 16: Community Conversations at Main, Dupont, Waynedale and New Haven; focused on Youth; Adult; Collaboration; and Outdoor Spaces

  • July 9: Business & Economic Development focus groups

  • June 23 and July 7: Elected Officials focus groups

  • June 22: Spanish Speaking Community focus group

  • June 15: Community Partners focus group

  • June 13 – 15 and August 4: Technology visioning sessions for staff; tours of departments with technology focus

  • June 11 – 27: Staff surveys regarding library technology

  • June 7 & 8 : Staff focus groups at Main Library, focused on Youth; Adult Collaboration; and Outdoor Spaces

  • May 24 – June 6Staff survey, with a focus on current conditions and recommendations for improvement

  • May 10-13: Building tours of all ACPL locations


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