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eCourses & Learning

Learning From Home

Our library is not just a place for books; it's your gateway to a world of eLearning opportunities. Explore our cutting-edge eLearning platforms and embark on a journey of self-improvement, discovery, and growth.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Mango Language Learning

Mango is designed to introduce new words and phrases at various intervals, through memory-building and critical-thinking exercises, and activities built to retain what you've learned.

Freelancing at Home

Udemy Online Courses

Provides access to over 4,000 online video courses to increase skills in the area of business, technology, and personal development.  

Online Learning

Learning Express Library

Supports those looking to improve core academic skills, pass the GED, prepare for college, obtain occupational certification, find a job, change careers, become a U.S. citizen and much more.

Discover More Learning Resources

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