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DJ Chad BurrisChad Burris
80’s Spotlight

80s Spotlight is a weekly music show Tuesdays at 7 pm, spotlighting songs from the 1980s. Each program will have a specific theme, and include songs both popular and obscure!
Tuesday 7pm - 8pm


DJ Andy SpinnerAndy Spinner
A Beautiful Noise

Music is so personal because we each have developed a sense of what we deem beautiful or not. In this program I will explore how these "beautiful noises" relate to one another. Primarily exploring rock, blues, soul and related popular genres, but with the occasional insertion of sounds from completely unrelated styles. I hope in this way to explore the interconnections, but to also challenge us all to be continuously open to new beauty.
Saturday 10 am – 11 am & Sunday 6 pm – 7 pm


Fey Fey Massouso
Afrika Diaspora 

The Three Rivers Institute of African-American Arts and Culture will produce an hour long program of music from various parts of Africa.
Saturday 3pm - 4pm

Allen County Commissioners showAllen County Commissioners

Weekly coverage of the Allen County Commissioners meetings and programs.
Monday & Tuesday, 9pm - Midnight, Friday 10am - Noon

AlternationTony Lemmon
The AltarNation: Aggressive Music with a Message

A dessert platter with a smorgasbord of dainties: Aggressive rock nestled in a bed of The Good News, deep-fried doughy goodness sprinkled with comedy and comment, with a twist of sarcasmic wit.
Sunday 8pm - 10pm

Katrina Hutchins  & Bruce Cunningham
Ancient Mysteries International

Bruce Cunningham and Katrina Hutchins interview guests in the archaeology, ancient discoveries/mysteries, etc. arena.  The guests will be mostly well-known archaeologists, geologists, anthropologists, researchers and authors. 
Thursday 5pm - 6pm 


Bryant Rozier
Awesome Frost
Awesome Frost is a collaboration between Frost Illustrated Newspaper and the African/African American Historical Society Museum (AAAHSM, pronounced "awesome") that will showcase pre-edited oral histories, highlighting the AAAHSM's local hip-hop history series as well as its Central High School retrospective series, in addition to new stories across a variety of broad topics.  
Friday at 6:30 pm

Based on Facts Christopher Rex
Based On Facts

Where fiction and superstition meet logic and scientific facts. Armed with an M.S. in Biology, five years of laboratory/field research experience, and an educator's mindset, I will address many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding a wide range of topics in modern culture in order to illuminate the facts that lie beneath them.
                                            Thursday 6pm - 7pm

Beauty and the Beat ShowDJ Carrie
Beauty and the Beat

"Beauty and the Beat" is an hour of music written by women that spans time periods and cultures. I will cut in with quotes from the songwriters about their writing processes or feelings about their work.
Thursday 9 pm - 10 pm

By The Way   Steve Jones & Patty Middleton
 By the Way
  • Fun with words
  • Animal Stories
  • Sports updates
  • Well, that’s pretty amazing
  • Current Events
  • Interviews with interesting people
  • Favorite TV and movie lines, scenes
  • Remember when… 
Wednesday 5pm - 6pm

DJ Crystal Cnote ClouseCrystal "Cnote" Clouse
C-note's Sugar Hour

Bringing you all C-note's favorite songs spanning several decades and genres. Also spotlighting local talented musicians, performers, and artists from Fort Wayne and Surrounding areas. This show will be Sweet.
Wednesday 10pm - 11pm

DJ Bruce MontgomeryBruce Montgomery
Classical Serenity

Classical Serenity is a program that selects forms of music, which may appear to be dynamic, but results in a peaceful, yet serene message.
Tuesday 9 pm

DJ Jessica CrewJessica Crew
Clear the Noise Radio

Through storytelling, discussion and interviews, Clear the Noise Radio offers tools and insight for helping you clear the noise and walk in power. Topics of discussion include relationships, parenting, business, religion, spirituality, health, sex, racism, current events & world issues. Interviewees will include mental health professionals, pastors, leaders, activists and community members, offering a unique platform of professional input and real-talk. Reclaim your life and watch everything around you change.
Wednesday 12pm - 1pm

Council Call in

A live call in show with members of the Fort Wayne City Council
1st Wednesday of every month, live 7 pm – 8 pm

DJ 2Tuff

DJ 2Tuff Party Mix

A mix show, also a Lovers Hour, playing nice 70-90's slow jams.

Thursday, Live 10 pm - Midnight

Kenneth Reece
DJ Night Train

An hour-long show dedicated to the blues.
Saturday 6 pm - 8 pm

Slamming Granny
The Dusties Disc

Music from the 50s to the 90s with some Blues and gospel thrown into the mix. 
Sundays 5 pm - 6 pm

Fabulous 60'sRobert Cobbs
Fabulous 60’s and more

Share and relive some of the "life" experiences of that decade, while finally listening to some of the music never played on AM stations. A Live call in program to engage individuals to the sounds, era, and creativity that appears to vaporized as time moves into the future. Tune, turn on, and drop out of the present to enjoy a timeless era. You're invited participate.
Thursday 10 pm - Midnight


Eric Bruan
Food And Wine Talk

A lively discussion around the cooking table
3rd Wednesday of every month, live 7 pm – 8 pm

Food For Thought Tom Blessing
Food For Thought 

A program in which an important issue in the news is examined with the objective of encouraging participants expressing alternative positions past the usual talking points to delve into each issue in considerable depth.
1st & 3rd Monday 5pm - 6pm

Betsey Kachmar
Fort Wayne Area League of Women Voters

Fort Wayne Area League of Women Voters chapter members facilitate 30 minute non-partisan conversations about public policy topics of interest and upcoming events.  A new topic will be explored each month and shows will be programmed as available.  These radio programs are also posted on the local LWV website  
2nd & 4th Wednesday 7 pm – 8 pm

DJ Dean JacksonDean Jackson
Fort Wayne Greatest Sports Legends       

Telling the stories of Fort Wayne's sports heritage. Highlighting their efforts, commitment to the community and inspire new athletics.
Thursday 7 am

DJ Doc Shadowbear Doc Shadowbear
The Gathering with Doc Shadowbear

Giving a voice to all Native... Americans and Nations. Addressing the issues facing them, receiving, playing & promoting worldwide, all genres of music performed by Native Americans signed and unsigned...Bringing unity to ALL Nations and Sharing, Love and giving Peace a chance. "IT IS TIME. The movement has begun!!!!"

Friday 7pm - 8pm

Sonny Moore
The Goldrush

Broadening listeners love of music from the 60s,70s, and the 80s.  
Tuesday at 6 pm

Hoosier HumanistAndrew Boggs & Drake Wilbanks
Hoosier Humanist

The Hoosier Humanist is a weekly radio program produced by secular organizations from across Fort Wayne. Join us Tuesdays at 5PM where we’ll feature news, commentary, and interviews that promote critical thinking and positive atheism. Our goal is to stimulate interfaith dialogue and find the common ground between Humanist and religious beliefs. 
Tuesday 5pm 

Jam Rockan

Jam Rockan features both music and talk from Jamaica to the Caribbean, covering both the history and the facts. 
Tuesday 2 pm – 3 pm & Friday 3 pm – 4 pm

Jam Talk

Jam Talk will feature recorded and live performances, interviews, stories and discussions with local musicians and other personalities.

Monday 9pm - 10pm

Happy JMZJohn Zeider
Jukebox Time Traveler

Focusing on the great music of both the 1960s and 1970s decades (primarily the mid '60s to the mid '70s).
Friday 12 pm – 1 pm

DJ Austin JeffreysAustin Jeffrey
Kicking' It With AJ 

Kickin' It With AJ is a two hour show that plays your favorite country hits! 

Sunday 3 pm - 5 pm


DJ Mark GevaartMark Gevvart    

Labor Radio is an hour long program that brings you the voices of the working Americans in our community. We will bring you history lessons from the past and predictions for the future. We will talk with the history makers and the everyday people who are working on the front lines of labor in our community. We will cover issues as simple as what your neighbor does when they labor each working week. We ask our guests, what they make, the services they provide and how they are compensated. We talk with members of unions and those who have no representation or voice in their workplace. Give us a listen the content is sure to inspire you. 
3rd Monday of every month, 6 pm – 7 pm

DJ Tay
Mama Knows Best

An advice/relationship talk show

Mondays 2 pm – 3 pm

Dr. Rudy Kachmann
Mind, Body, Spirit

After more than four decades of practicing neurosurgery, Dr. Kachmann came to realize that medical care is much more than writing prescriptions and performing high-tech procedures. He attempts to help people understand why many medical problems don’t need invasive drug or surgical intervention; and to help them reconnect the brain to the body for better overall health.
Tuesday 12pm - 1pm

DJ Steph McdonellSteph McDowell
The Mixtape

If you are a fan of local music and the bands that make it be sure to catch Music You Missed with Stephanee McDowell for broadcasts recorded on the stages of your favorite local venues. Can't make it to the show? Don't get pissed - just tune in to Music You Missed!


DJ Steve Chelmsford
Steve Chelmsford
The Mop Tops and the King

An hour of the music of The Beatles & Elvis with some fun surprises in between. The show is not limited to The Beatles & Elvis ... we play solo Beatles as well as cover songs and other artists who relate to The Beatles & Elvis. For more information, please check out my website at

Friday Midnight - 1 am

Lynn Knapp
New Artist Venue

Weekly show featuring musical artists that are up and coming (meaning been working for 8-10 years+ and have albums/cd's and not played on main stream radio. Example: PMJ (Post Modern Jukebox), Morgan James, Haley Reinhart, Sarah Niemitz, Von Smith, etc.
Friday 9 pm – 10 pm, Wenesday 10 am – 11 am

DJ susanSweet Sue
On Broadway

Grab your tickets and take a theatrical journey - from Hair to Hamilton.
First Thursday of each month at 8pm 

Alan Bengs
Primeval Voices

A weekly music program featuring ambient/atmospheric music like Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Robert Rich and others.
Tuesday 8pm - 10pm

Rezz Crunch  

 Thursday 3pm – 5 pm 


Rockabilly Radio James Riley
Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour

The Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour currently heard on nearly 100 stations each week and a weekly reporter to the Roots Music Report.  The show is a great blend of rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock, early country, modern vintage sounding artists, etc.  Also, there are exclusive interviews with both legacy and new artists such as John Fogerty, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Chris Isaak, The Beach Boys, Dion, Dick Dale, Billy Burnette, Linda Gail Lewis, Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin (The Blasters), Robert Gordon, Levi Dexter, Dale Watson, Jimmy Vivino (Conan), JD McPherson, Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Alex Orbison (Roy's son), WS Holland (Johnny Cash's drummer for nearly 40 years) and many, many more. 
Friday 11 pm – Midnight 


Saturday Nite Oldies

A 50s-60s-70s music.
Saturday 8pm - 10pm

DJ BaronThe Rock 'N' Roll Orphanage
DJ Baron

The Rock 'N' Roll Orphanage is a pre-recorded, weekly resting place for forgotten "hits, (album) cuts and besides (b-sides)" spanning the history of recorded popular music. The program will have an emphasis on 1940's thru 1990's songs you forgot that you forgot (and some you'd rather not remember.) Regular "theme" shows will make for a most educational and pleasurable listening experience.  
Friday 2 pm – 3 pm & Wednesday 11 pm – Midnight

Randy Zimmerman
Saturday Nite Throwback

Rhythmic hits of the 90s and 00s. Throwback 'party songs.

Sunday Midnight – 1 am

DJ Nicole KingJanine Roi
The Shake Up

To convey African American history based on facts dervived form research, writings, art, statisitics, individual and organizational accounts. To discuss how these things have had a direct impact on the economic development of the family and lineage. I will be interviewing economist, historians, educators, business owners, human resources agencies, and children aged 8 through 17. 
 Monday 7 pm – 8 pm

DJ Stan HauseStan Hause 
Smooth Grooves 

An assortment of Smooth Jazz including West Coast, Fusion, Crossover, Acid and Urban sub-genres to name a few, featuring many of today's top artists as well as a salute to those from the past. 
Monday 8pm - 9pm

DJ Genevieve EppsGENA

You are entering the NON-JUDGMENT ZONE! with GENA as I challenge your thoughts, words, actions and habits against your cultural and intellectual assumptions!
Friday 4pm - 6pm


DJ NickNickholas Michell
The Styxxoplix Show

The Styxxoplix Show will feature freestyle improvisation of instrumentals in between will be talking about culture, arts etc with also spoken word performances and poetry, impersonations, routines, skits, rants, and meltdowns.  
Wednesday 6pm - 7pm


Gee Graves
Tales of the Macabre

An old time radio show with horror stories.
Friday 10pm - 11pm

DJ TerryTerry Black
Tantrum Show

Riot radio - all the hits none of the rules- party songs for party people- your music with no boundaries.  I play all hit music from classic rock, pop, country, hip hop, R&B, & alternative with guest interviews 

Saturday 10 pm - Midnight


Amber Hansen
A Taste Of Madness

Eclectic and informative shows about music, spanning multiple genres and addressing multiple historic events.  
Wednesday 8pm - 10pm

this is how we see it showThis Is How We See It

 A Syndicated Radio Talk Show about life and what's happening in Entertainment and National news. Check tweets for broadcast days and times. 
Saturday at 9 am

Rick Bratton
This Week in America

The actor and trained journalist brings his irreverent humor to visually transport viewers to America's past with amazing stories.  
Tuesday 10am - 11am

Tune In to ACPL

A monthly music show with musical suggestions from ACPL patrons. 
4th Thursday at 7:30 pm

Austin Wiard
Turn It Up Live!

A rock and metal show that plays rock hits and deep cuts from all generations of rock and roll and will also touch on different topics in the rock community including new music, local shows, news, and other related items. 

Sunday 9 pm – 10 pm

DJ Micheal BanksMichael Banks
Ultimate Radio

Using my experience as a local dj breaking new music in all genre a one hour mix show. 
Saturday 4pm - 6pm

DJ Terry HakesTerry Hakes
The Unsigned Artist Takeover

Spreading the word about local music and unsigned artists.  
Saturday 6pm - 8pm 

DJ Mike LovelessMike Loveless
The Vicky Warwick Show

The title of the show is the Vicky Warwick Show.  She will never be there and I will have to fill in for her, therefore making me a little unprofessional.  I want to tell the listener our studio is being built, but not finished yet.  The show will purport to be broadcast from the 13th floor of the Carson Kraft building at 300 West Berry Street.  It will be a music show including The Marx Brothers on piano in 1936 up to songs from a concert tour this year.  I will also throw in a couple of short comedy bits.
Sunday 3am - 5am

Trevor Walker

We Need To Talk

A local talk radio show discussing current events in an honest manner. Using facts to tackle common misconceptions in an interesting way. Interviewing local people to hear their opinions and find out what they are thinking.
Sunday 11 pm - Midnight

David Calderon
WELT Latina

Thursday 9am - 11am

WELT Radio Activity

A weekly show about what’s happing in the arts community around Fort Wayne.  Thursday at 7 pm

WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour

An all-volunteer-run, live audience radio and TV show broadcasting on over 500 stations, plus American Forces Radio network worldwide and public TV.

Sundays 10 pm – 11 pm



Mark Hagar
Your Business Matters

Your Business Matters is a weekly small business talk show hosted by entrepreneur, small business owner and college professor Mark Hagar. Along with a rotating cast of subject matter experts, Mark interviews local business owners and advisors about issues relevant to business ownership.

Mondays 12 pm – 1 pm