Welcome to the Allen County Community Album. The Allen County Public Library is pleased to offer access to these collections. These collections are continually being expanded and enhanced. Additional collections will be added as time and resources permit.

Historic Photos Collection: 
The Historic Photographs were originally part of the Allen County Public Library’s Indiana Collection Vertical File. The images consist primarily of photographs donated to the library from various sources, including private collections and the Fort Wayne newspapers. Some library staff members photographed buildings or places of interest and donated snapshots. Although there are photographs from all over Indiana, most have a Fort Wayne or Allen County emphasis. There are some photos from the 1880s and 1890s, but most date from the early 1900s to the 1970s. The library still maintains the original photographs in its special collections. While not comprehensive, this collection provides an interesting look at the Fort Wayne that was. 

Fort Wayne and Allen County History Collection:

This collection, continually expanding through the cooperative efforts area citizens, contains images of people, places, and organizations in Fort Wayne, Allen County, and northeast Indiana. These images have been provided to the library for the Allen County Community Album, or the original photographs have been loaned to the library to scan and mount in the album. As it grows, this collection will become an increasingly important complement to the Historic Photos Collection in capturing the memories of this community. 

Franklin P. Randall Collection: 
Franklin P. Randall (1812-1892) was an attorney, state legislator, and Fort Wayne's "Civil War mayor." With his wife Mary Jane (Reed) (1829-1912), he was the father of seven children. The family was prominent in Fort Wayne society. One daughter, Mrs. Caroline Fairbank, was a leader in the local Women's Suffrage movement. A son, Alfred "Larry" Randall, opened the city's first automobile dealership, and his wife, Grace (Hayden), also came from a prominent local family. The photograph collection contains images dating from the 1850s to the 1920s and consists mainly of portraits of members of the Randall and Hayden families and their friends, as well as pictures of the Randall home at the corner of Lafayette and Berry streets.

Elmhurst High School Memories
Elmhurst High School closed its doors in the summer of 2010 after almost 80 years educating young people in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Many who walked through its halls have fond memories of the school, including the 2009 Girls Basketball State Championship, 1984 Regional Title in Boys Basketball, and the Elmhurst Jazz Festival held from 1970 to 1994. James Hardy, who plays for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, set records in the Summit Athletic Conference while playing basketball for Elmhurst. More than two thousand images of the school and its history are presented here.
Contact The Genealogy Center if you have images you’d like to contribute to this Community Album. 

Fire Fighter Photographs Collection: 
The Fire Fighter Photograph images are from the collection of Donald A. Weber, a retired professional fire fighter and photographer, as well as from the personal collections of fire fighters Mr. Weber knew or with whom he worked. Not only do these images portray the important work of the Fort Wayne Fire Department over many decades, they also provide glimpses of Fort Wayne buildings, fire fighting equipment, and streetscapes no longer in existence.

Harter Postcard Collection
This collection of Fort Wayne, Indiana postcards was assembled over a period of more than thirty-five years by the author of Postcard History: Fort Wayne, Randolph L. Harter, with the assistance of his wife Patricia K. Harter. This rare collection has been gifted to the ACPL by the Harters, and pictorially covers 20th century Fort Wayne, with the majority of the images coming from the “Golden Age” of postcards, a period from about 1905-1917. Included in this valuable collection are several thousand views covering Fort Wayne schools, hospitals, parks, hotels, restaurants, retailers, business and industry, transportation, government buildings, aerial and street views, vistas and local fire, flood and train disasters.

International Harvester Employee Publications
International Harvester Newsletters covered news about the employees, retirees, their families, production issues, and new products.  This collection of newsletters provides a rare inside glimpse of International Harvester history in Fort Wayne and a biographical reference of their employees.

Communicator | Fort Wayne Operations News | Fort Wayne Works Managerial News-letter | Harvester World | IH Action | IN Brief | Insight | Intercom | International Harvester Company (Guide to Careers) | International Harvester Today | International Harvester World | International Trail | Inside International | Inside Navistar | MM Courier | Navigator |  Pencil Pusher | Tower Talk (1938) | Tower Talk (1973) | UAW Local 57 Newsletter | Weekly News 

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod–Indiana District Photographs
The Indiana District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), originally the Central District, was organized in 1857 in Fort Wayne. This online collection consists of various pictures during numerous conventions of the district, and pictures of the leaders and officers of the church body as well as church buildings.  A number of the earlier conventions were held on the campus of Concordia Theology Seminary in Fort Wayne.

Masonic Lodge Records of Greater Fort Wayne
Wayne Lodge No. 25, the oldest Masonic Lodge in northern Indiana, was established and authorized to meet in Fort Wayne on March 22, 1823. The Masonic Temple in Fort Wayne gave The Genealogy Center permission to digitize and post online this collection of Wayne Lodge Minute Books covering 1823 through 1958. These books document some of the early leaders of Fort Wayne, including familiar names such as Ewing, Foster, Rudisill, and Wells

Wayne Lodge, 1823-42 | Wayne Lodge, 1849-56 | Wayne Lodge, 1856-68 | Wayne Lodge, 1868-83 | Wayne Lodge, 1883-94 | Wayne Lodge, 1894-1909 | Wayne Lodge, 1909-18 | Wayne Lodge, 1918-27 | Wayne Lodge, 1927-41 | Wayne Lodge, 1941-49 | Wayne Lodge, 1949-58

Monroeville / Ternet Collection:
This collection consists of a large number of images collected by Lois Ternet, long-time editor of the Monroeville News. Dating from the 1870s to the twenty-first century, the photographs serve as a documentary record of the people, buildings, and farms of the town of Monroeville and Monroe Township, located in the southeastern corner of Allen County. Hundreds of people, most identified, appear in the images, often in poses that reflect the ordinary activity of life in this rural community. The collection includes some aerial photographs, as well as many images of local buildings, businesses, sports teams, and the interurban.

New Haven & Adams Township Fire Protection

Nickel Plate Road Collection:
This collection contains pictures of the elevation of the Nickel Plate Road (now the Norfolk & Southern) from the opening of bids and groundbreaking (December 15, 1953) to the dedication (October 4, 1955). This enormous project cost $9 million and entailed building seven grade crossings and elevating the tracks west for two miles between Coombs Street and Fairfield Avenue. All photos were taken by Sgt. Ellsworth Crick, photographer for the Fort Wayne Police Department, and were the official recording of the progress of the project.

Quest Club Papers
The Quest Club was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1911 as a venue for exchanging economic and commercial information among business leaders. Over time, the scope of the club broadened to include a wide range of other topics, such as history, science, literature, ethics, politics, religion, and current events. The club attracted many business and civic leaders, who were assigned to present papers on these topics, usually outside of their chosen fields of expertise. The papers are a rich trove of information about what leaders thought on a variety of subjects.

Quest Club Papers Recordings
Some of the Quest Club presentations were audio-recorded. A number of these recordings have been digitized and are presented here. 

Rotary Club of Fort Wayne
Adopted by Rotary International in 1943, the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne is one of the community’s premier service organizations. Linked here are club rosters and its publications, The Tickler and The Rotary Spin.

Rotary Spin | Tickler | Rotary Club of Fort Wayne Rosters

Summer Storm 2012
On Friday, June 29, 2012, an unusually strong thunderstorm known as a "derecho" moved through much of the Midwest. Tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana area were left without power; countless buildings and many properties were damaged from fallen trees. This collection represents photographs contributed by the community to document this event.

Woodburn Historical Society:
The Woodburn Historical Society Collection consists of photographs depicting life in the town of Woodburn and surrounding Maumee Township from the late nineteenth through twentieth centuries. The collection includes a number of postcard views of Woodburn, a portion of which was also known as Shirley City, as well as aerial views and a number of snapshots. Many of the snapshots were taken in the post war era of 1947. The collection also contains photographs of several of the town's founders and civic leaders, as well as pictures of schools and rare images of two of the early log cabins in the township. 

Day in Allen County
The Allen County Public Library received the community's help to document specific days in Allen County, Indiana. We asked residents to take photos of what happened in our county for twenty-four hours on these dates, and here are the results:

April 26, 2006
 | February 21, 2007 | March 7, 2008 | April 16, 2009 | March 20, 2010 | September 21, 2014 | May 1, 2015

Global Family Reunion Pictures
The Allen County Public Library was a Global Family Reunion Satellite the weekend of June 5-7, 2015. The photographs in this collection are the result of a quest to gather and preserve “300 in 3” – at least 300 family photos in the 3 days of our Global Family Reunion party. The photographs include standard family photos, family photos with silly props, family photos taken in front on an “ancestral green screen,” and legacy photos from various families’ albums.

Teen Photography Contests

Sponsored by the Young Adults' Department of the Allen County Public Library, these photography contests provide a venue for showcasing teen talent in our community. Each year link provides the winners and their photographs for that particular year.

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

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