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Volunteer Services

The purpose of the Volunteer Services Department is to empower individuals to the productive use of their talents, skills and gifts in providing the highest level of quality service to the patrons of the Allen County Public Library.

Adopted July, 1994
Revised October,1996

Current Opportunities

HOMEWORK HELP at the Main Library
Are you comfortable with math through Calculus? The Allen County Public library needs volunteers to assist middle school and high school students with homework.  The number one subject is math (80% of questions).  Volunteers must be comfortable with assisting students with math problems at a level that includes calculus.  Volunteers also assist with many other subjects such as science, social studies and / or English.  If you are interested in assisting students with homework, have the necessary knowledge and or training, are able to communicate clearly, maintain an approachable manner, actually like teenagers and successfully complete a criminal record check, then Homework Help is the Volunteer position for you! We are looking for Volunteers on Monday and Wednesday evenings 6 PM – 8 PM at the Main Library in the Teens Department.


Audio Reading Service
Enjoy reading aloud and empowering others?

The Audio Reading Service broadcasts the live reading of both Fort Wayne daily newspapers and broadcasts the recorded reading of over 40 other publications such as Prevention, People and Consumer Reports.

This free service of ACPL is for people who have visual, physical, learning or language challenges to independent reading.

If your skills and passions match our needs, we’d love to have you join our audio reading team of ACPL volunteers! An interview and audition is required. 

Current needs:

  • Live reading of the Journal Gazette on a Saturday, five-week rotation 9:00am to Noon
  • Substitute Recorded Readers and Live Readers who are called on an as needed basis

Do you want to give back to the library?  The Friends of the Allen County Public Library are looking for Volunteers at the Main library! The Libraries in the State of Indiana may discard books in one of two ways.  They may destroy the book or they may give the book to the Friends of the Library to sell and the money goes back into the library. We are looking for Volunteers to sort discarded books and put on shelves for the public to buy. As stated before, all money comes back to the library in various programs, funding volunteer recognition, Summer Reading Program, Author visits, Lincoln library lecture Series, prizes for the Poetry Contest, Staff Workshops and staff Training, just a few of the Friends sponsored activities for the Library.



Volunteers needed to work at the Shawnee Branch. Assist branch staff with processing patron holds by locating and retrieving specific items on the picklist. Look for items on the picklist in adult, juvenile, young adults and paperbacks, matching up barcode numbers on the list with barcodes in the books. Find all items if possible. Assist with other duties as assigned by assistant branch manager and branch manager. Training will be provided by Shawnee Branch staff. Weekly commitment of at least 2 hours. If you are interested in applying for the Shawnee Branch picklist assistant, you must have stamina for continued standing, walking, stretching, bending and stooping; the ability to take direction and then work independently; and successfully complete a criminal history check. All volunteers must successfully complete procedures for volunteer involvement at ACPL. We are in need of volunteers to fill this position on Thursday and Friday for two hour shifts starting between 9:00 & 10:00 A.M. 

Have you always had an interest in the workings of a television studio? This could be your chance! We need volunteers to serve as studio camera operators for Access Fort Wayne at the Main Library. You’ll get to know what happens behind the scenes and be part of the action! This position entails assisting the producer in arranging props and chairs on the set in preparation for production; operating the camera and giving cues to talent during a production according to the instructions of the director; and assisting with putting the props away after the production. Volunteers must be available to work at least one production every three months. Camera operators may be assigned on a regular basis or on a flexible schedule as contacted via telephone by producer. You have to have some stamina – this position involves continued standing and operating of camera controls. If you are interested in volunteering as a studio camera operator, you must have successfully completed the studio camera operator workshop through Access Fort Wayne; be able to maintain professional behavior at all times of volunteer activity; and have successfully completed a criminal history check.

For more information on any of the positions listed above or to schedule an interview, please call Sandy Screeton, Volunteer Services Manager at (260) 421-1233. 

Volunteering at the ACPL


Volunteers are essential to the function of the ACPL. (From the opening of the library in 1895, volunteers have played vital roles at the Allen County Public Library. Each year over 1000 individuals give of their time and talents to assist staff in the delivery of quality service to patrons at the Main Library and all thirteen branches. The priority of the Volunteer Services department is to ensure a win-win situation for both volunteers and staff that will result in positive, satisfying experiences.)


For more information on any of the positions listed above or to schedule an interview, please call Sandy Screeton, Volunteer Services Manager at (260) 421-1233 or e-mail her



What kind of opportunities are available?

A variety of volunteer opportunities are available at the library that may suit your interests and our needs

How much time do I have to commit?

From weekly commitments, to assisting monthly, to one-time special events, or volunteering as a family unit.

How old do I have to be?

If you are 13 years or older, you may apply to be a volunteer at the ACPL. Individuals under the age of 18 must obtain parental/guardian permission.

How do I apply?

You can find our Volunteer Applicationhere.

What is the application process?

If your interests and skills match our needs, an interview will be scheduled which will include filling out an application, discussing time commitments, and going over other aspects of volunteering.