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Free Lincoln Exhibit Tours, Field Trip Opportunities, Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans, Videos & More

Discover how our free resources can fit in your classroom!

The Rolland Center for Lincoln Research offers amazing primary source documents, lesson plans, in-person and virtual programs, field trip opportunities, and under-3-minute videos to bring the life and times of Abraham Lincoln to teachers and their students.


We feature items from the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, one of the world’s largest collection of items related to our 16th President.

Digital interactive exhibits will engage all knowledge levels, and allow them to interact with items from the collection.

Education Resources with Our Lincoln Collection:

• Digital Exhibits
• Educational Videos
• Lesson Plans
• Program Offerings
• Digitized Primary Sources

To receive more information please complete the contact form on this page; email us at; or visit us at the Allen County Public Library. 

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