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Available Starting Monday, March 11

Dupont Hold Lockers

Convenient 24/7 pickup at our Dupont Branch Holds Lockers

Holds Lockers Overview

Holds Lockers Pickup Process:

  • Choose "Dupont Holds Lockers" as your pickup branch when placing a hold.

  • Upon item availability, patrons receive a notification and have seven days to pick up held items.

  • To retrieve your items, go to the lockers and scan or enter your library card number, and enter your four-digit PIN at the display screen.

  • Multiple lockers will open if needed for multiple items.

  • The screen confirms the successful pickup, and items are automatically checked out.

  • Patrons may opt for a printed or emailed receipt or choose not to receive one.

Items Ineligible for Hold Locker Pickup:

  • Equipment (hotspots, Library of Things items)

  • Interlibrary Loan items


Flexible Pickup Times:

Retrieve your hold items at your convenience, 24 hours a day, once they become available for pickup.

Hold Period and Due Dates:

  • Items are held for seven days.

  • Due dates are the standard due dates per their material type.


Locker Availability Notification:

Due to the limited number of lockers, if all lockers are full, staff will notify patrons that they will need to pick up their items inside at the Dupont Branch.

Oversize Item Handling:

Patrons with oversize items will be contacted for in-branch pickup due to locker size limitations.


The Dupont Holds Lockers are a pilot program which we will evaluate to determine the possibility of expanding to other branches in the future.

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