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Lincoln Images

The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection houses thousands of photographs and images. On this page, learn more about the photograph collections that have been digitized and follow the links to view them online. More images will be added regularly as they become available.

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Lincoln Family Album Collection

The Lincoln Family Album Collection (LFA) comprises the photographs owned by four generations of the Abraham Lincoln family and was acquired in 1990.

Ostendorf Collection

The Ostendorf Collection (OC) photographs were originally collected by Lloyd Ostendorf and were acquired from him in 1986.

Lincoln National Collection

The Lincoln National Collection (LN) is made up of photographs collected by the Lincoln Historical Research Foundation, part of the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, from 1928 to 2008.

Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection

The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection (LFFC) photographs are those acquired by the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection since being gifted to the state of Indiana in 2009. This collection continues to grow.

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