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Mobile Privacy Statement

Please read this privacy statement carefully before using the mobile application. If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions, do not install the application.

What the privacy statement covers

This privacy statement covers your use of Allen County Public Library ('ACPL') provided mobile applications ('the application') on a mobile device.

Personal information

Personal information is any information that could be used to identify you as an individual.

The application can ask you to enter your library user id and personal identifier (PIN or password). This is used to authenticate you against data systems including (but not limited to) library management systems and eResource content repositories. These details are stored in the secure application storage area on your device, as well as on a server residing on the ACPL's secure network. These details will only be passed to third parties that are obviously identified in the app (library catalog/circulation system, eResource provider).

No spyware statement

The application does not collect or transmit personally identifiable information, and does not monitor your personal use of the application.

The application sends unidentifiable and non-personal statistical data to help improve application quality via Google Analytics and Hockey.

The statistical data includes information about:

  • the device you are using (including, for example, the make and model)

  • the carrier or mobile software used

  • general patterns of use (not user specific)

  • specific events, like software crashes and errors.

When you are on a mobile device, you are at times using a third party to access the internet and/or the application. All requests must be sent through your mobile carrier's network, and the carrier may have access to it. For information about how the carrier treats your information, you must review your carrier's privacy policies.

The ACPL reserves the right to add and/or remove features or content to the application at any time.

No adware statement
You will not be required to view obtrusive adverts to use the application.

The application does not enable other software applications to access data stored on your mobile device.


To use this application you will not need to change your mobile device preferences, modify web pages that you visit or accept third party offers.

Easy uninstall
Mobile applications users can easily uninstall the mobile application at any time by using the standard uninstall process as may be available as part of your mobile device, or via the mobile application marketplace or network.

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