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Suggested (m)use: Walker Hayes

by Craig B | May 16, 2018

cover for Walker Hayes' album, Boom.Clever, funny, even, and mostly unobjectionable, Walker Hayes’ pop-country album, Boom., is only missing a slight increase in electric guitar riffs to make it into the realm of an album I’d listen to again.  Well, that and a few more driving drum lines … and maybe a little more disregard for the easy-listening crowd … and a couple of literary references could go a long way … Ok.  It’s not really that close to being an album I’d listen to again, but if it sounds like the kind of thing you’re into, I’d recommend it.

Suggested Use: Prepping for a job interview?  Need to learn to talk about your strengths and weaknesses in the most charming way possible?  The self-deprecating lines about being a little too rowdy and needing to be closer to one’s religion in a few of these tracks might go a long way to teaching you the ways of the interview and pecuniary fulfillment.  I mean, what else is smooth, sentimental cleverness for? 

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