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Suggested (m)use: The Killers

by Craig B | Nov 10, 2017
cover for The Killers' album, Wonderful WonderfulMaybe a five minute opener for The Killers’ new album, Wonderful Wonderful, wasn’t such a good idea, although I appreciate the musical exploration.  I’m a little uncomfortable with the bald self-promotion of the second track, but goodness gracious, it is catchy.  That aside, the best track on this album for me was “Tyson vs Douglas.”  What a funny, appropriate metaphor for the loss of innocence (that’s what it’s about, right?); the sort of song that makes listening to an entire album out of curiosity mostly worth it.  One great song is all it takes, or at least that’s what the final track on Wonderful Wonderful would have us believe, that “just … one (is needed) to get through to (us).”  Well, for now, The Killers are correct.  They got through.  And it took just one.  I mean, I’m writing this mostly-positive blog post, right?

Suggested Use: This album is not for sharing.  At least not in its entirety.  It might be good to sample from for a playlist, but its real utility lies in its encouragement of you getting some alone time.  The New Wave New Wave quality of Wonderful Wonderful is just too confusing for groups of friends.  Besides you don’t want anyone around when you tear up to “Tyson vs. Douglas,” right?

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  • Craig B is a thirty-something lover of books, movies, and rock and roll whose grandmother still worries that he might not be eating enough. (Love you, Grandma!) A favorite book of Craig’s is Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.
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