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Our Screenshot Guide to Flipster

by Ask a Librarian | Aug 02, 2017
Wow!  We've received a lot of feedback regarding the post, Why I Love Flipster, and we're thrilled.  Whether you commented, emailed, or called -- thank you!!! It's good to know that we've alerted you to a resource you were previously unaware of.  And it's good for us to be alerted to questions that crop up as you access that resource.

While we've added some updates to the original post (check the comments too), here's a screenshot guide to questions asked so far -- sometimes it's easier to actually see what we're trying to describe.

It's asking for my Username and Password???
When you set up the Flipster app, you may be asked for Username and Password.  Click on Login Options to choose the Patron ID Login option (under Login button) and then enter your 14-digit library card number, beginning with 21833, as your Patron ID.  ***Licensing agreements allow us to provide Online Resources privileges to Allen County, Indiana residents only.***   


flipster login

How do I access older issues?
Clicking on cover of magazine, for most of our subscriptions, should present you with a screen like this, allowing you to see previous issues that are also available for checkout via Flipster.

Flipster covers

Why is my page yellow??
When a page first loads, you may notice a lot of yellow.  This indicates hyperlinks to pages within the magazine and/or to websites mentioned.  Give it a minute and the yellow goes away, though the hyperlinks are still there.

Flipster yellow screen

How do I access the Table of Contents?
Clicking on the menu icon (upper right) when in the reading view will allow you to access the table of contents for that magazine and jump ahead to a particular article.

Flipster Table of Contents

How do I know how much time I have left?
Click on My Shelf to see downloaded magazines and time left.  Click on the cover to open and read a downloaded issue, whether connected to the internet or not.  Downloads should just take a few minutes to complete.

You can also remove/trash unwanted issues using the trash can symbol.  If you have read some of the magazine, the percentage will show.  The magazine will open to where you left off reading.  Click on Explore to head back to the main menu for Flipster to select more magazines to download. 

Flipster My Shelf

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