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The Best Audiobooks of 2016

by Becky C | Jan 24, 2017
Publishers Weekly (PW) is one of a librarian's best friends.  While it offers feature articles and news on all aspects of the book business, I personally love it for its book reviews.

The January 9, 2017 issue gives us a look at PW's top picks from among the 250+ audiobooks reviewed by its staff last year.  I've highlighted most of the adult titles from the list in this post, and because in many cases we also have copies available via Hoopla or Overdrive, I've linked the cover images to all available formats of the titles. 

What audiobooks would make your Best Of list?  PW chose Bahni Turpin as their narrator of the year.  Do you have a favorite narrator?

 Before the Fall
My Name Is Lucy Barton
Here I Am
 The Trespasser
 The Underground Railroad
 You Will Know Me
 American Heiress
 Kill Em and Leave
 Dark Money
 The Rainbow Comes and Goes
 Save Room for Pie
 View from the Cheap Seats
 Pigeon Tunnel

Becky CBecky likes to read … A LOT. When she’s not reading, she likes to pretend that she can garden. Her thumb has no hint of green whatsoever but luckily her plants are forgiving. Her favorite books are The Shannara series by Terry Brooks.
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