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Hey, Stephen King fans

by Sara P | Oct 26, 2016

Stephen King discussion titles

I have been an avid reader from a young age. Visiting the Georgetown Branch Library growing up was always such a thrilling experience for me. Throughout middle school, I would often be the last person in the house up at night as I would stay up late to read long after everyone else had gone to sleep. Stephen King’s short story collection, Night Shift, was probably not the best choice to read that late -- every creak and groan in the house scared me to death. But I was hooked as his writing pulls you in! The tingles of fear and dread are like a book high. A friend of mine in high school saw that I was reading The Stand and had asked breathlessly, “Is it the uncut version?!” Obviously the correct answer was yes, and I’m glad it was true. I honestly didn’t know there had been an edited version which is shunned by many King devotees (or as King would call one: Constant Reader).

Upon becoming a librarian, I had always dreamed about hosting a Stephen King Book Club. Originally I wasn’t sure if there would be enough fans to make such a club viable; luckily, there are! In 2016, the Stephen King Book Club has been meeting monthly at the Georgetown Branch (where I now work). Everyone is welcome to attend - we have a core group of several adults and have a few teen members also. We assign a title to read each month, but you are more than welcome to come even if you haven’t read (ever or recently) or finished the book - though there will likely be spoilers.

Most of King’s writing can be classified as horror, but our selection for November is something with wider appeal: 11/22/63. We are meeting on 11/22, so that book was the obvious choice. It tells the story of a man who goes back in time in attempts to prevent John Kennedy’s assassination on that date.

James Franco starred in a recent miniseries adaptation of 11.22.63 (available on DVD for 7-day checkout) if you prefer to watch your King instead of read. There are a multitude of movie and TV adaptations of King’s works, which usually tend to make their way into our book club discussions as well. We read Misery last month, so there was a lot of talk about Kathy Bates’ Oscar-winning performance as Annie Wilkes.

We always have a great time at book club. There are so many interconnected characters and and fictional towns in his oeuvre -- it is always fun to try to pick them out. We have members who have read every one of his titles, and new readers just starting out on the King journey. If you know any King fans, please let them know about our meetings. We’d love to see you at the Georgetown Branch Library!

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  • Sara is a librarian, technology lover, and parent who loves to read fiction. Her favorite book is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.
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