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Your favorite movie, coming to a library near you -- and for you

by Evan | Aug 29, 2016

Dark Knight meme

“Holy DVD, Batman! This month we can start getting movies for seven days at the Allen County Public Library! And we can even have most movies sent to our branch library for us!!!”

That’s right, Robin. High drama here at ACPL.  Check with your branch library staff as to when the new rules start there; the start dates are not all the same. But by the end of August, you won’t have to drive across the biggest county in Indiana to get a copy of Bridesmaids. Instead, you’ll be able to put it on hold and have it sent to your local branch, where it will wait for you for up to seven days -- and then you can keep it for seven days. Even better, you can renew it for a week at a time. 

As they say, certain restrictions apply. The main one is that the newest movies and TV show DVDs will be Express items, which means you can’t put a hold on them and you can’t renew them. And, of course, since popular older movies can now be put on hold, you may have to wait awhile for them to be available, since other people may place holds ahead of you.

Also, if you like to borrow educational DVDs that until now have had the same 21-day borrowing time that books have, you need to know that we are changing those to seven days as well, although you will still be able to renew them up to five times if no one else has a hold on them.

Again, check with your branch library for details, and be sure to look at your receipt for the due date the next time you check out any DVDs. Then sit back and watch the Dark Knight all night long.  

EvanEvan - Married, three children, two grandchildren, formerly a newspaper journalist, now a public librarian, at all times a board game nut.
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