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Suggested (m)use: Drake

by Craig B | Aug 16, 2016

cover of Drake's studio album, ViewsI would have listened to Drake’s new album, Views, twice, so as to be able to talk about it more intelligently, but it’s 20 tracks/79 minutes long.  That was just asking too much for an album I’m only a little academically interested in.  I am glad to feel that I now kind of understand the “Hotline Bling” craze, though.  How can you say no to such a charming little ditty?

Suggested Use: Getting to the end of a spat with your significant other?  Say you’re sorry and plug this album in.  20 tracks of relationship woe certain to cast your troubles in a different light and perhaps even catalyze gratitude for whatever it is you’ve got going on in your own life.

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