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Why I love libraries, from a librarian's perspective

by Sara P | Apr 14, 2016

Editor's Note:  Originally published on September 12, 2014.  Look for Sara's 2016 update at the bottom of the post!

As a little girl, going to the library was always one of the highlights of my week. We lived just a block or so away from the Georgetown Branch, so my sister and I often walked to the library with my dad. We worked our way through the Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka books and the Serendipity series and my dad would read to us each night before bed. As I began to read on my own, I got all of the Beverly Cleary titles. My best friend and I visited the library throughout our grade school years and recommended books to each other. Young adolescence brought me Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High novels.

me and my sister in the Georgetown Library’s storytime room

The library was always a refuge to me. It was a place I could go to read about whatever topic I wanted. It was a place where the librarians knew my name, because they had watched me grow up. I was always a voracious reader, and the library evoked such fond emotion for me; I knew that I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up. When I realized the true scope of a librarian’s job (not sitting checking books out all day), I was undeterred. I was also interested in all of the other aspects of the job — organization, education, and technology!

I worked part-time at the downtown library through college. I met so many people and loved the hustle and bustle of working downtown (especially with free parking!). Once I received my degree and became a Librarian with a capital L, I worked in the IT department, assisting with technical projects and digitizing historic photographs. When the new downtown library opened after renovation, I worked for five years in the main hall, helping people find what they needed in that giant building. What neat experiences. I was so lucky to enjoy my jobs so much.

But three years ago, I was given the opportunity to return to the Georgetown Branch. Though the space was not the same as when I was a child, it was like returning home. This is still my familiar old haunt, though there is much more light in this beautiful new building. Many of my former neighbors and classmates are patrons who visit, often bringing their own children — the next generation of Georgetown library patrons (and, who knows, maybe the next generation of Georgetown librarians!). I hope to welcome and inspire them and instill the love of reading and knowledge that was planted in me here.

Sara at the Georgetown Library July 2014

2016 update:

I have now been working at the library for over 17 years, and am coming up on my fifth anniversary at Georgetown. I still love it here as much as ever! I am grateful to have a job that I love so very much, helping people every day.

Sara P
Sara is a librarian, technology lover, and parent who loves to read fiction. Her favorite book is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.

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