What is NEIRRS?
Northeast Indiana Radio Reading Service (NEIRRS)
is a FREE radio reading service for people who are blind or have a visual or reading impairment. For thousands of people in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, NEIRRS has been a source of in-depth news, community connection, and the voice of an old friend for over 35 years.

NEIRRS volunteers read local news and features from a dozen area newspapers, plus magazines, books, grocery ads, obituaries and more.

NEIRRS broadcasts in a fifty-mile radius from Fort Wayne over a sub-channel frequency provided, at cost, by WBCL FM. The special receiver needed to hear our broadcast is loaned to our listeners at no charge.

What Do We Read?
Local newspapers, magazines, books, grocery ads, obituaries, and more. To see a complete list click here.

NEIRRS Program Schedule
NEIRRS broadcasts 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A large-print program schedule is available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. To print a grid-format schedule In PDF click here.

NEIRRS is not-for-profit organized through the Allen County Public Library Foundation. Financial support comes from individual donations, contributions from corporations and foundations, and fundraisers. Major support comes from the Allen County Public Library, which provides building space, staff support, utilities, and other non-financial resources for the NEIRRS operations.

Call To Become a Sponsor
Underwrite a day of programming for only $100! Call 421-1376 to speak with NEIRRS Manager, Georgean Johnson-Coffey. She will gladly tell you more about program underwriting, event sponsorships, or institutional options.

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