What is the Maker Lab?

The Maker Lab is a place where people can learn and use new technologies and equipment they may otherwise not have access to. They can get help with a project they are currently working on or they can start a new project. People can also meet and collaborate with others on projects.

Who are Makers?

Makers are people who make things from anything around them.  Made a costume for a school play? You’re a Maker. Made a web site? You’re a Maker. Made something from recycled materials? You’re a Maker. Made something to be printed from a 3D printer? You’re a Maker!

Anyone and everyone can be a Maker; you just need to have a creative spirit, some passion and a willingness to have fun and learn.

What is in the Maker Lab?

In the Maker Lab at Georgetown we have a 3D printer, 3D scanner, Dremel workstation, Electronics Workbench complete with soldering iron, heat rework, an oscilloscope and power supply, Arduino kits for classes, two sewing machines, a serger, vinyl cutter, several laptops with Adobe Creative Suite and Scratch, and iPads with several apps on them.

In the Maker Lab at Main we have a 3D printer, 3D scanner, audio recording station, VHS to DVD conversion, sewing machines, Electronics Workbench complete with soldering iron, heat rework, an oscilloscope and power supply, vinyl cutter, computer stations with Adobe Creative Suite,  and cameras available for check out.

Where is the Maker Lab?

There are currently two Maker Lab locations: The Main Library and Georgetown. The Lab in the Main Library is located in the Main Hall in the former public computer room. Georgetown’s Lab is located in the back in the former magazine room.

What are the hours of the Maker Lab?

Main Library Maker Lab hours are Monday-Thursday 1:00-9:00 and Saturday from 10-6:00. (Certified Adult users will be allowed into the Lab in the morning if the Lab is available.)
Georgetown Maker Lab hours are Monday-Thursday 4:00-8:30 and Saturday from 11-5:30.  

Who can come to the Maker Lab?

Anyone can come to the Maker Lab; however, there are some things you should know before coming: 

  • Children under the age of 12 need to have a parent or legal guardian with them
  • No open toed shoes please! Some of the materials and equipment we work with could hurt your toes if they were exposed; we like you to have as many digits when you leave as when you came in.
  • No loose-fitting or dangling pieces of clothing. We don’t want your favorite shirt getting caught in machinery.
  • Tie back long hair. We wouldn't want your hair getting caught in machinery any more than your favorite shirt.

How can I become certified?

The Maker Labs at Allen County Public Library offer a wide variety of introductory courses.  Once a patron takes one of these classes, they become certified in that piece of equipment or software.  Certified adults can book time to use that piece of equipment independently, at any ACPL Maker Lab that provides it.  Certified minors between the ages of 12 and 18 can also book time to use equipment independently, but only when a lab is staffed. If you are younger than 12, not only must the room be staffed, but a responsible adult must accompany you at all times.  

Patrons can become certified in as many different technologies as they please, in fact we encourage it! 

What is the cost?

All workshops are free, but advanced registration is needed, patrons will need an email address. 

3D Printing is $1.00 for things printing in less than 60 min.,  $2.00 for things printing in less than 120 min., $3.00 for things printing in less than 3 hours, etc. 

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