Great Books for Babies

When it comes to babies, books are often explored in a start-stop-start-again pattern, so the books on this list are especially friendly to the antsy, 18-months or younger crowd.

J BOARDBK BAKER Baker, Keith Big Fat Hen
Big Fat Hen counts to ten with her friends and all their chicks, along with the rhyme "One, two, buckle my shoe…" Point to the pictures as you talk about what's happening in them with your baby. Stop when your baby is ready…no need to read it all at once!
J BOARDBK HOBAN Hoban, Tana Black on White
This book has simple pictures with lots of contrast. Very young babies, especially, are attracted to this kind of book.
S J BOARDBK BUENO Foord, Jo Buenos dias, bebe! / Good Morning, Baby!
There are many bilingual boardbooks for babies. Read and speak to your baby in the language you are most fluent.
J BOARDBK DOEPK Doepker, David Farm Babies
This book has wonderful close-up color photos of farm animals. Point to the animals, talk about them, and make their sounds with your baby.
JE ROOT Root, Phyllis Flip, Flap, Fly!
Infectious rhymes, sunny illustrations, and an array of baby animals make an irresistible page-turner for the youngest of listeners. Little readers are invited to join these baby animals as they fly, swim, wiggle, and slide, all with the help of their mamas. But what these babies like best, of course, is spotting other baby animals!
J BOARDBK LOUPY Loupy, Christophe Hugs and Kisses
Hugs the puppy wants to know all about kisses. Join him as he travels the farm trying out all kinds of animal kisses, snuggling and kissing your baby as you read.
Annie Kubler illustrates many wonderful nursery rhyme books for babies. Sing or chant and bounce along to the rhythm of the words. Your baby is listening and learning!
J BOARDBK MILLE Miller, Margaret I Love Colors
Babies love to look at faces! Look for books like this one, that feature close-up photos of babies' faces. This one also introduces colors.
KIT J155.422 0-6 MOS. Kits for Kids: Baby Boosters, 0-6 Months
Kits contain 8 age-appropriate, librarian-selected stories to read with very young babies from 0-6 months, a parent guide, and music CD or DVD. Look for more Kits for Kids for children of all ages at the library!
J BOARDBK KNEES Knees and Toes
Play and sing along with this book as you and your baby find different parts of his/her body.
J BOARDBK DEWDN Dewdney, Anna Llama, Llama, Hoppity-Hop
Many books for babies allow you to play along. As your baby gets older, help him or her "hop" along to stories like this one. Reading time should also be fun time!
J BOARDBK ACRED Acredolo, Linda My First Baby Signs
Baby signs help your baby communicate. Look for simple board books that teach you and your baby simple sign language. You'll be amazed at what your baby already understands!
J BOARDBK PATR Patricelli, Leslie No No, Yes Yes
What talker doesn't love to say "no!" back to the adults from whom she probably hears the word? Be sure to describe what is happening on the pages beyond the simple words - that will help build your baby's vocabulary.
J BOARDBK BRAUN Braun, Sebastian Peekaboo Baby
Lift the flaps with your baby and find out who's hiding! This book shows and names many familiar things, like blocks and a bib. Point and talk to your baby about these objects as you share books like this one.
J BOARDBK CABRE Cabrera, Jane Ten in the Bed
Look for books that you can sing to your baby. As your baby gets old enough, let him or her hold the book and play with it, while you rock and sing along!
J BOARDBK FOX Fox, Mem Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Babies like books with simple, uncluttered pictures of other babies. Point to the babies and talk about them as you share this book with your baby.
J BOARDBK KATZ Katz, Karen Ten Tiny Tickles
Read and play along with the rhyming words in this book, from one little tickle on a lovely sleepy head to ten tiny tickles on chubby, tubby toes.
J BOARDBK WATT Watt, Fiona That's Not My Puppy
Invite your baby to touch the different textures in this book. Bright, simple colors and shapes make this a perfect book to share with your baby.
J BOARDBK OCONN O'Connell, Rebecca The Baby Goes Beep
Vary your voice as you make the fun sounds in this book. Be silly and laugh and have fun! This will help your baby learn that reading and books are positive things.
J BOARDBK HILL Hill, Eric Time for Bed, Spot
The Spot series by Eric Hill have bright, bold, simple illustrations that will attract your baby's attention.
J BOARDBK POWEL Powell, Debbie Trucks
Shapes, colors, words, sounds and textures are all things in this book your baby will enjoy exploring with you. Engage as many senses as you can when you share books with your baby.

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