Fear of the Dark/Nightmares

JE HAYES Hayes, Geoffrey A Night-Light for Bunny
When it is too dark for Bunny to sleep, Papa suggests using light like that of stars and fireflies, but Mama finds the right light in their own burrow.
JE JUNGE Junge, Alexandra A Night-Time Tale
A little girl who has always been afraid of the dark embarks upon an amazing adventure that explains why the night follows the day and begins to make friends with things she had once feared. This family fable examines the purpose of night and the dreams that accompany it.
JE SCHNE Schneider, Josh Bedtime Monsters
A young boy conquers his fear of bedtime monsters after making a surprising discovery.
JE DURAN Dunrant, Alan Billy Monster's Daymare
Billy Monster is scared! But what is keeping him awake? And how will Daddy Monster find a way to help Billy sleep soundly through the day? Set in a topsy-turvy monster world, this warm and funny story is perfect for raising a smile and chasing away bedtime fears.
JE BARLI Barlics, Brian Brady Needs a Nightlight: A Fundementale About Nighttime
Is your child afraid of the dark? Are you having trouble with bedtime? You are not alone! Even those least likely to have a fear of the dark may have a story to share. In this book you will meet Brady, a bat who oddly has a terrible fear of the dark. This poses quite a dilemma for a creature that sleeps in a dark cave and comes out to play at night. Learn how Brady discovers a creative way to solve this problem...with a little help from some friends.
JE BATTE Battersby, Katherine Brave Squish Rabbit
Squish, a little rabbit who is afraid of nearly everything, ventures into the night during a storm to find his friend, Twitch, who he fears may have encountered chickens.
JE WADDE Waddell, Martin Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?
"Little Bear can't sleep. There is dark all around him in the Bear Cave. Not even Big Bear's biggest lantern can light up the darkness of the night outside. But then Big Bear finds the perfect way to reassure Little Bear and help him fall fast asleep..."--Cover back.
JE POSTG Postgate, Daniel Engelbert Sneem and his Dream Vacuum Machine
Enter the world of Engelbert Sneem and find out what happens when he turns out to be his own worst nightmare. A satisfying conclusion sets the stage for a night of sweet dreams.
JE TREMB Tremblay, Carole Floop in the Dark
When Floop is awakened by a noise in his bedroom he imagines all the scary creatures that might be lurking in the dark around his bed.
JE VALEN Valentine, Madeline George in the Dark
A little boy overcomes his fear of the dark during a daring teddy bear rescue.
JE CANTR Cantrell, Julie God Is With Me Through the Night
A child is reassured by his mother that God loves him even when it is dark outside.
JE MONGR Mongredien, Sue Harry and the Monster
One night, a monster stomps into Harry's dreams. The next day, Harry is scared to go to sleep. 'If he comes back, just imagine him with pink pants on his head,' suggests Mom. 'He won't be scary then!' But can Mom's clever plan possibly work?
JE ZIEFE Ziefert, Harriet I Want to Sleep in Your Bed!
It's nighttime and everybody--children, parents, and pets--says good night. But when all the lights are out, find out where Charlie wants to sleep.
JE BALME Balmes, Santi I Will Fight Monsters for You
Two little girls--one human and the other a monster--are afraid to go to sleep for fear of what's living under their beds.
JE ALLEN Allen, Jonathan I'm Not Scared!
When Baby Owl takes his stuffed Owly out for a walk in the moonlit woods, he insists that he is not afraid of the other animals that keep popping up and making them jump.
JE THOMA Thomas, Jan Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy
Brave Cowboy tries to sing his young calf pals to sleep on a dark, dark night, with humorous results.
JE GEISE Geisert, Arthur Lights Out
Told by his parents that his light must be out at eight o'clock, a young piglet who is afraid of the dark devises an ingenious solution to the problem.
JE PIEPE Pieper, Martha Heineman Mommy, I Had a Bad Dream!
When Joey, a bouncy kangaroo, has a series of bad dreams, his parents lovingly help him understand them.
JE ROCCO Rocco, John Moonpowder
Even though Eli is the "fixer of all things fixable," one thing he cannot fix is his bad dreams, until one night when Mr. Moon appears and asks him to come fix the Moonpowder factory, where sweet dreams are created.
JE YARLE Yarlett, Emma Orion and the Dark
Orion is so scared of the dark, Dark decides to pay him a visit! Orion is scared of a lot of things, but most of all he's scared of the dark. So one night Dark decides to take Orion on an adventure.
JE POWEL Powell-Tuck, Maudie Pirates Aren't Afraid of the Dark!
Jack is excited to spend the night in his backyard pirate tent, scaring away his younger sister with tales of frightening sea monsters, but when his flashlight goes out Jack doesn't feel quite so brave after all.
JE WAECH Waechter, Philip Rosie and the Nightmares
Tired of having nightmares about monsters, Rosie the rabbit decides to confront her fears.
JE DAVIS Davis, Jon Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night
Small Blue is afraid that all sorts of frightening things are lurking in the dark, but as Big Brown takes her through a dark house to warm some milk, he suggests preposterous alternatives.
JE BRADB Bradbury, Ray Switch on the Night
A lonely little boy who is afraid of the dark is introduced to a whole new world by a little girl named Dark.
JE SNICK Snicket, Lemony The Dark
Laszlo is afraid of the dark which lives in the same big, creaky house as him, until one night the dark pays him a visit.
JE MUNSC Munsch, Robert The Dark
Jule Ann pounds on the bottom of a cookie jar, and a small dark lump bounces out. The Dark quickly gobbles up every shadow in sight, growing bigger with each one. A plucky heroine resolves the perplexing problem with brilliant, spirited logic.
JE BUTLE Butler, M. Christina The Dark, Dark Night
Upon awakening from his long winter's nap, Frog spends a happy day playing with his friends but when he reaches his pond after dark, he sees a huge pond monster and needs his friends' help to face it.
JE DIESE Diesen, Deborah The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark
Mr. Fish feels nervous venturing deep in the sea to look for Ms. Clam's lost pearl until Miss Shimmer helps him conquer his fear of the dark.
JE MCKAY McKay, Hilary There's a Dragon Downstairs
Although she is afraid, Sophie is determined to confront the dragon that she thinks she hears downstairs at night.
JE MAYER Mayer, Mercer There's a Nightmare in My Closet
At bedtime a boy confronts the nightmare in his closet and finds him not so terrifying after all.
JE STEWA Stewart, Amber Too Small for my Big Bed
Every day, with Mommy tiger there to encourage him, Piper learns to do something new--and do it all by himself. But when bedtime arrives, Piper dislikes the dark night, and he especially dislikes sleeping all alone in his bed. He wakes up in the middle of each night, and feeling all alone, he goes to Mommy so he can sleep cuddled up in her bed. How can Mommy tiger help him overcome his fear so that he can sleep alone the whole night through?
JE MORRI Morris, Winifred What If the Shark Wears Tennis Shoes?
Stephen's nighttime fear materializes, a shark that gets all the way upstairs and into his room to try to eat him, but Stephen has an alternative suggestion.
JE FENTO Fenton, Joe What's Under the Bed
When Fred lays down his head, he imagines there is something monstrous under his bed.
JE SCHAE Schaefer, Carole Who's There?
A child, already tucked in for the night, is frightened by strange noises that grow ever closer.

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