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Homework Help Begins September 10

by Aisha Hallman | Sep 04, 2018


What is Homework Help?
A free community service since 1997, the program provides one-on-one homework help to students in grades 6-12.

Who can use Homework Help?
Students in grades 6-12 who need homework help (including math, science, and other subjects) can attend. It's a great service for students of all academic levels.

Is Homework Help free?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Plus: it’s free.

Do I need to register to come to Homework Help?
No. Homework Help is a drop-in service, meaning you can come and go at any time during the hours it's offered. Some students visit us every night it's offered and stay the full two hours. Some students visit us only every once in a while and stay just until they have their question(s) answered.

When is Homework Help?
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, 6:00 to 8:00 pm during the school year.  See the library Events calendar for exact dates.
Note: There is no Homework Help when Fort Wayne Community Schools are closed for vacations or weather-related emergencies.

Where is Homework Help?
In the Teen department (2nd floor of the Main Library at 900 Library Plaza).

Who are the Helpers?
Our volunteers are usually professionals (engineers, accountants, retired professors, etc.) with a desire to give back to their community by helping the next generation succeed.

Will the Helpers give students the answers?
No. Homework Helpers guide students but do not do the work for them. Helpers explain concepts and ask the right questions to help students analyze the problems and find their own solutions.

What do the students need to bring with them?

  • Homework assignment
  • Textbook (if available)
  • Paper
  • Pencil or pen

What is the difference between Homework Help and a tutoring service?
Tutoring implies personal instruction in a subject area. Our Helpers are not teachers. They are here to help the students answer specific questions and complete specific homework assignments.

What can I expect when I come to Homework Help?
The Helpers set up at a table in the open area of the Teen department. They have signs at each end of the table that read, “Homework Help Available.” You may walk right up, sit down, take out your homework, and let them know you are here for help. A Helper will be with you as soon as possible, often immediately.

Some students only need help with one specific problem. Some students need help with the whole assignment. It's not uncommon for a student to come in, take out his or her homework assignment, and say, “I just don’t get this.” A Helper will spend time with the student looking over the assignment and then tackling specific problems one by one, explaining how to solve them as they go.

On busy nights, our Helpers will sometimes need to help two or more students at a time. In this case, the Helper will generally get you started on an assignment, take time to help another student, then come back to check on your progress, and so on.

Have more questions? Contact us at 421-1255.

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