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Review of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

by Cindy H | Sep 02, 2016
Nothing sucks more than being a teenager with cancer, and no one knows this better than Hazel. Her parents are constantly hovering around her, almost like they think she'll drop dead any second. They want her to get out and socialize, but all she wants to do is re-read the same book and watch re-runs of crappy reality television shows. Thanks to a trial drug called Phalanxifor Hazel has been able to stop the growth of the tumors ravaging her lungs, but the ones that are still there fill her lungs with fluid and make it impossible for her to breathe without the help of an oxygen tank. Each week she goes to the support group for other teenagers with cancer because her mom wants her to. She tries to tune out the group leader who says the same thing every time, the same drivel about living your best life today, and she can't help but sigh. Then one day someone new is there, a really attractive boy, and he's staring at her. He is inexplicably interested in her and even though she is trying to minimize the amount of people she will hurt when her body inevitably gives in to cancer she can't help but be drawn to him. Could it be possible to overlook everything they have going against them and find a little bit of happiness?

This book portrays cancer and love in a raw and unapologetic way. It may give you a perspective on cancer that you didn't have before and will remind you just how fragile life can be. If you like the book there is also a movie that you may enjoy. I definitely recommend this book, just be warned-it might make you cry.

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