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Beginner Books for New Readers

by Dawn Stoops | Jan 21, 2019
There's a snippet of time when reading is new and hard. Sometimes there are still pieces of the basics that need to be mastered. My five-year-old is in this reading place. He's learning short sight words, while still being unsure of all his letters. Some days he can recognize a 'W' but writing one is a different matter. He can spell some words out loud and some words in writing, but not consistently. If you ask him what letter 'pirate' starts with he'll say 'P' but he can't always find it on the fridge when we're playing with magnetic letters.

Here's the encouraging news for everyone is this place. There are books at the library for just this kind of reading work. In fact, we got a new set earlier this month called Red Rocket Readers.
cover image for so fast cover image for max the monkey
cover image for dress up day cover image for how many wheels
I love this new set because each book is 130 pages and made up of eight short stories with bright fun pictures and super basic words. They're sturdy too, with hard covers and a nice heft when you hold them. Sometimes reading beginning readers feels more like reading a pamphlet, but these feel like reading a REAL book!

If all goes well, you're only going to need these books for a few months. Soon enough, new readers move onto more complex books and stories with real action and amazing characters. Let the library be your go-to place for beginning readers. Enjoy the magic of BORROWING a book for just a little while.

We're so happy to be part of this journey with you. Ask a librarian if you need more help finding just the right book for your new reader.
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