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What If...

by Dawn S | Apr 11, 2018

Celebrate National Library Week with this amazing new book all about the power of creativity.

cover image for what if
What If...
by Samantha Berger and Mike Curato

When you want to create, what if you don't have a pencil, or a brush, or paints? You can create with nature, leaves and snow, or with words, songs and chants, or with light, shadows and shapes. This story is told by a girl full of ideas and beauty who will ALWAYS find a way to create.

Young readers will love the rhythm of the words and the fantastic collage artwork. Mike Curato's pictures combine photographs of real things, like Lego towers and flowers, with drawings of the character and other parts of her world. The mix is magical and reinforces the countless ways of being creative.

Celebrate National Library Week, grab some new books, and enjoy all the creativity the world of libraries has to offer!

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