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Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!

by Kris L | Apr 04, 2017

We made sock puppets recently at the Georgetown branch library's weekly Family Fun Night!

Making sock puppets

Making a sock puppet

And then we tried out some storytelling with the library's puppet collection!

Storytelling with puppets

Puppets are a wonderful toy – and a fun way to practice early literacy skills.  What are early literacy skills?  The reading, singing, talking, playing and writing that parents and caregivers do with young children that help them get ready for school.  Like playing with puppets!

Among other things, making up or retelling stories with puppets gives children an opportunity to practice using words.  And as adults join the fun and play WITH their children, they can enhance this practice by introducing new words.  Try it!  You’ll not only be having fun, but you’ll be helping your children’s brain development.

    • Kris
  • Kris is a mild-mannered children's librarian who loves to read (of course!), hike and bake and is always on the lookout for bald eagles.

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