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Time for Chickens

by Dawn Stoops | Feb 17, 2017
It's always a good time for books about chickens!
Here are a few that might make the preschoolers in your life laugh and learn.

 cover image for the sky is falling

The Sky is Falling
by Mark Teague

Maybe you know of Chicken Little and how terrible it was going to be for everyone at the farm if the sky was truly falling. This story takes the traditional one and spins it on its head, with lots of dance moves thrown in. As Chicken Little says, "Everyone dances when the sky is falling".

cover image for a chicken followed me home

A Chicken Followed Me Home: Questions and Answers about Familiar Fowl
by Robin Page

What if a chicken followed you home? How would you know how to take care of it and what kind of chicken it was? This nonfiction book has all the answers for just that kind of silly situation.

cover image for peep and egg I'm not hatching

Peep and Egg: I'm Not Hatching
written by Laura Gehl
pictures by Joyce Wan

Peep wants egg to hurry and hatch! There are so many fun things to do together but Egg thinks everything sounds too noisy or too dangerous. Will Egg ever hatch?

cover image for my dog's a chicken

My Dog's a Chicken
written by Susan McElroy Montanari
pictures by Anne Wilsdorf

Lula Mae really wants a dog, but mama says 'no'. Her family has plenty of chickens so maybe one of those would make a good pet? Sure! Pookie turns out to be a great guard chicken and lots more too.

There are hundreds of books featuring these feathered friends so stop by your library for more suggestions.

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