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The Lines on Nana's Face

by Dawn Stoops | Jan 18, 2017
I initially picked up this book because it was so pretty! All that pink with flowers called to me when I first saw it in November. After reading The Lines on Nana's Face by Simona Ciraolo, however, I had many other reasons to love this book.
cover image for lines on nana's face
Our young narrator wonders why her grandma has so many lines on her face. She seems to look happy and sad and worried and excited all at once. Nana explains that the lines on her face are where she keeps her memories. For the majority of the story, the little girl points to lines and asks about the memory for each one. Each time, the grandmother gives a short, simple explanation then we turn the page and see a beautiful full page spread of the event she is thinking about. So, for instance, one of Nana's wrinkles contains the memory of "that morning, early one spring, when I solved a great mystery". The next picture shows a young Nana peeking behind a bush to find her cat tucked away snugly with four new kittens.

I can think of so many people who will enjoy this story; small ones with grandparents either near or far, older kids who like to ponder how the pictures tell important parts of the story, and adults who love sharing memories and appreciate the wisdom (and wrinkles) that many memories bring. The art is such a treat too! I encourage you to stop by your local library and take a look.
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