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Duck, Duck, Porcupine!

by Dawn Stoops | Jan 04, 2017
Duck, Duck, Porcupine! is a delightful book by Salina Yoon.
cover image for Duck Duck Porcupine

With a nice mix of big colorful pictures and word bubbles, this picture book spans categories by feeling kind of like a comic book and a little like a chapter book with three sections. As the stories progress, Big Duck and Porcupine have all of the speaking parts, and Little Duck does much of the comedic work while not saying a thing.

My favorite chapter is called "The Campout". Bossy Big Duck has some crazy ideas about what they should take on their camping trip. Little Duck works silently to collect the few items he needs and then has a lovely time by the fire while the others load themselves down with snacks, shovels, and other odd things on Big Duck's list. This is one of those great books for young readers where the pictures tell a part of the story all on their own. It's also great that Little Duck seems to occasionally 'talk' to the reader with glances like the one on the cover. Sometimes I imagine him saying "Really?" and rolling his eyes.

Give this book a try and keep a lookout for another collection of stories by Yoon coming later this month!
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