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Teddy Bear Stories for Preschoolers

by Dawn Stoops | Dec 29, 2016

I love collecting materials for preschool storytime. There are so many wonderful books, songs, rhymes, and activities to share! Just this week I piled my desk high with teddy bear books to decide which ones should make the cut for read-alouds next week.

I'd like to share some of my favorites. They all hit that preschool audience, though, some are better one on one and others work great with a room full or preschoolers.

cover image for where's my teddy
Where's My Teddy?
by Jez Alborough

It's not just kids who need teddy bears! This story has an adorable twist as a little boy searches the woods to find his lost teddy. Preschoolers will love the cartoonish pictures.

cover image for my bear and me
My Bear and Me
written by Barbara Maitland
illustrated by Lisa Flather
The youngest bear lovers will enjoy this story with bright pictures and simple text like "We sing together, we swing together,". This girl and bear pair share a fun day and a cozy night.

cover image for george in the dark
George in the Dark
by Madeline Valentine
It's tough to be brave in the dark, but when you're without your bear, then it's almost impossible! Preschoolers will love this relatable book with such an expressive protagonist.

cover image for i love you mister bear
I Love You Mister Bear
by Sylvie Wickstrom
Mister Bear is a yard sale find, and in this three part story he gets a new home and a little extra love. Showcasing pretend play and everyday activities like taking a bath and getting dressed, this is a preschool crowd-pleaser.

cover image for ira sleeps over

Ira Sleeps Over
by Bernard Waber
I have to add a childhood favorite! This one is pretty long and thus not really suitable for group read-alouds. When you've got a preschooler snuggled on your lap, this is such a fun read. And afterwards, you can have conversations about fears and friends and sisters and all sorts of things.

What are some of your favorite Teddy Bear stories?
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