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New Book - Art Workshops for Children

by Dawn Stoops | Aug 08, 2016
I'm naturally drawn to the two main topics of this book - children and art. Maybe you are too? Really, if you work with children in any arena you probably know someone who would benefit from this wonderful new book.

Art Workshops for Children by Herve Tullet

cover image for art workshops for kids

First, a word about the author. Herve Tullet is such a talented author and illustrator who clearly has fun with his craft. He understands children's love of play and works it into books in amazingly unique ways.
Here are just a few examples.
 cover image for mix it up
 cover image for i am blop
  cover image for the game of mix and match


So, imagine this joy and creativity used in art workshops for children. Tullet has led these workshops in a variety of places and in this book he describes the process of planning and implementing art workshops for children. These are the kind of events that completely take over the room and get everyone involved in collaborative art creation. He describes a kind of buzz that happens as the children listen to directions and put paint to paper. Each workshop is focused primarily on the process with tons of playfulness and imagination as the project evolves. The book even gives a kind of running dialog the presenter can use to get everyone involved. Yes, the end result is pretty cool, but no one child can take the credit.

From what I can tell, it sounds like a messy and sometimes chaotic way to create art with kids, but one that lines up perfectly with growing minds and developing bodies. I'm eager to try it out with a group at my library soon!

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  • Dawn is a librarian, mother, and crafter who loves stories and art, so it’s only natural that she loves kids' books the best (with cookbooks a close second).
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