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What are You Glad About?

by Dawn Stoops | Feb 26, 2016

What are You Glad About? What are You Mad About? : Poems for when a person needs a poem
by Judith Viorst, with art by Lee White

book cover for what are you glad about? what are you sad about?
This new poetry book jumped out at me this week. I think it was the title...or the cover art. I can't decide. The book certainly makes a good first impression!

The poems are about normal kid stuff: toes, summer, bubble gum, homework, and stars. Viorst's poems make me laugh a lot like the poems of Shel Silverstein make me laugh. I also really enjoy the way she makes things rhyme. Here's a verse from her poem "Such a Lovely Girl".
    Each night I go to bed and pray
    That Anna May will move away
    To someplace far--perhaps the Isle of Man. It
    Could be New Zealand, Paraguay,
    Nepal, the Gobi Desert. Hey,
    It even--yay!--could be a whole new planet!

As the title suggests, this book is perfect for when a person needs a poem.
When do you need a poem?


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  1. Teresa | Feb 27, 2016
    I need poetry at least once a day. I love it! In fact, last night I sent a Facebook message to one of my favorite poets, Joyce Sidman, and she gave permission for children to read her poems on the library's radio station, WELT. Since April is National Poetry Month, I hope to have the broadcast ready to go then.

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