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For Your Need to Buy List!

by P. Martin-Diaz | Dec 20, 2015

Image result for book and window and child and christmasPlease don't forget to buy a book (or many) for those children on your holiday shopping list. Not only are they items which will outlast batteries and boredom, they are key to the development of a reader and a doorway to your past.

As noted in a recent article "Our (Bare) Shelves, Ourselves, Future Tense," by writer Teddy Wayne in The New York Times:

"After G.N.P., the quantity of books in one’s home was the most important predictor of reading performance. The greatest effect was seen in libraries of about 100 books, which resulted in approximately 1.5 extra years of grade-level reading performance. (Diminishing returns kick in at about 500 books, which is the equivalent of about 2.2 extra years of education.)"

Your own books, well-loved, dog-eared and rumpled, are a part of your personal history. It is a treat for a child to come upon a book that you, now adult, read and love(d). Help provide your own children with the same opportunity to grow up with these things we hold dear, as well as books that we know, believe, or hope, that they will treasure on their own.

What book from your childhood do you still hold close to your heart?

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