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Of Yoda and youngsters

by Angela F | Dec 10, 2015
Image via SyndeticsNote: Be sure to enter our Star Wars raffle made possible in part through donations from Books, Comics, & Things!  See end of post for more information.

When I asked my friend what her six-year-old son might enjoy for Christmas, the answer was near instantaneous: “Anything Star Wars.” It was the same guideline I had been given for his birthday, and for the previous Christmas. It’s been over two decades since I first watched A New Hope on DVD, sequestered in a basement crammed full of hyper preteen girls, sleeping bags, and generous bowlfuls of M&M'S.  If my godson weren’t enough proof that the appeal of Star Wars is alive and well in the next generation, the aisles of merchandising at my local superstore would be.

Having spent the last few years working as a children’s librarian, I can’t say that I’m surprised at the excitement being generated by the next trilogy of movies. Long before trailers of the new crop of villains and heroes began airing, kids asked me time and again to help them find Star Wars movies. The original trilogy, the prequels, the animated spin-offs: there’s never been a time they haven’t been in demand. My branch, like many others, has gone so far as to create a special section for Star Wars books; it makes them easy for kids to find all sorts of materials, and has the added benefit of saving me from having to look up the five thousand (give or take) different authors multiple times a day. For many of my younger patrons, these are the first films that their parents have let them watch that didn’t come from our juvenile video collection – even if there might be a little fast-forwarding through the scariest parts.

So what about it has made Star Wars last? For some, it’s a chance for parents and children to share an interest. It’s not often I see a mom get excited when her child begs her to borrow Barbie Fairytopia for the 20th time (more accurately – I’ve never seen a mom get excited in this situation), but I have seen moms light up when faced with the prospect of a Star Wars family movie night. The life-size Darth Vader stand-up at the Aboite branch that shows the path to the dark side juvenile graphic novels gets as many admiring comments from parents as from their offspring. And while father and son may never agree on the merits of Episodes I, II, and III (Why aren’t six-year-olds more discerning?! Those films are awful!), everyone seems united in the opinion that Boba Fett was pretty awesome for a bad-guy bounty hunter.

But for other kids, it’s simply another story in the vein of so many timeless stories: good versus evil, the little guy versus the big guy, the bullied versus the bully. This one just happens to have light sabers, space fights, and a really cool breathing device.

I had an embarrassing amount of merchandise to choose from when I set out for the perfect gift. I was happy to do it: after all, that’s what a godmother’s for. And as to whether I seriously considered buying a Princess Leia hair bun headband for my snorty dog? I plead the fifth.

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  1. Jeffrey Miller | Dec 19, 2015
    For the LOVE OF STAR WARS!!
  2. Amanda Miller | Dec 19, 2015
    My son LOVES Star Wars!!!
  3. Jackson Miller | Dec 19, 2015
    Star Wars is my favorite!!!
  4. rob | Dec 15, 2015
    Watching all the movies in anticipation of the new one has been a bonding experience for our whole family,from the youngest to the oldest. It also showcases the duel nature of humanity, good vs evil, light vs darkness, and gives parents the opportunity to teach moral lessons for life  from a  nostalgic and entertaining canvas. 
  5. Missie | Dec 15, 2015
    The force is strong with this one.
  6. Sierra | Dec 15, 2015
    You are correct I would never be excited about a Barbie movie but Star Wars... now that's another story! We are re-watching episodes 1-6 before the new movie comes out :)
  7. bruce | Dec 14, 2015
    i love star wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end of comment.
  8. Lydia | Dec 10, 2015

    Most of my family are Star Wars crazy, boo to the dark side!

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