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Roller Girl

by Dawn S. | Aug 28, 2015

Last week I was looking through a pile of well reviewed illustrated books for kids.  These were books that might be good enough to merit the Caldecott Medal in 2016.  As you can imagine, mostly the pile contained picture books and some poetry books with a few non-fiction books thrown in too.  Then there was this one!

Roller Girl, by Victoria Jamieson, is a 239 page graphic novel about a fifth grader named Astrid.  After watching her first roller derby bout she's fired up to join derby camp in the summer and meet her hero, Rainbow Bite.  There's just as much action in this book as you'd expect from a book about roller derby but there's lots of preteen drama too.  There are new friends and old friends and mothers who don't understand.  Everything about his book was engaging and fun.  Oh, and educational!  I learned how scoring works in a roller derby bout and what different positions do for the team.

What makes this book even greater is knowing that the woman who wrote the story and made all the great illustrations is also a roller girl!  You can visit her website here to learn a little more about her writing, drawing, and skating.

dawn Dawn S, Editor - Dawn is a librarian, mother, and crafter who loves stories and art, so it’s only natural that she loves kid’s books the best (with cookbooks a close second).  Her favorite story is Duck on a Bike by David Shannon and her favorite illustrator is Lisbeth Zwerger.

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