Murray, Lisa
J618.92944 MURRA

The authors interviewed and photographed 25 children with cancer asking them to express through art their feelings about the cancers that threatened them.
North, Sherry

A story of a young boy whose dog is diagnosed with cancer. The boy becomes a loving caretaker to his dog, who undergoes the same types of treatments as a human under similar circumstances. Includes "For Creative Minds" educational section.
Borden, Louise

All the students in the third grade are affected when their beloved teacher, Mrs. Kempczinski, is suddenly hospitalized with cancer.
Tinkham, Kelly

When Marcus's mother has chemotherapy for her cancer and loses her hair, he tries to find new hair for her to make her well again.
Booms Ashley, Leona
J362.196994 BOOMS

"Here is an inspirational story of a young girl who has survived cancer. The superb photography and kid friendly language depict her doing everything other kids can do, with one arm..."--Cover back.
Woznick, Leigh A.
J362.19892 WOZNI (PTC)

In addition to medical help, parents of children with cancer need a strong support network. This book is filled with sound emotional guidance, useful information, and practical advice for families coping with cancer.
Sutherland, Eileen

Through rhyming text, a mother explains to her child that she has breast cancer, which might mean such things as a loss of energy and hair but never a loss of love.
Moore-Mallions, Jennifer

Points out that a diagnosis that Mom has cancer is a frightening for her children as it is for her. The story describes such a situation, helping kids understand how Mom requires special medical care on her path toward regaining health.
Russell, Laura Okmin

"Mommy Has Cancer was written by a daughter for other daughters and sons to help them understand how cancer can affect their mommy and to inspire them in the important role they can play in the fight against it." - Front Cover
Gaes, Jason

A young boy describes his successful two year battle with cancer and offers advice to other cancer patients.
Fead, Beverlye Hyman
J616.994 FEAD

A healing conversation between a granddaughter and her grandmother, who is a cancer survivor.
Glader, Sue

"The little girl in NOWHERE HAIR knows two things: Her mom's hair is not on her head anymore, so therefore it must be somewhere around the house. After searching the obvious places, the story reveals that her mother, although going through cancer treatment, is still silly, attentive, happy and yes, sometimes very tired and cranky..."
Silver, Alex, Emily, and Anna Rose
J616.994 SILVE

Written for children whose parents are cancer survivors, this thoughtful and engaging book address important survivorship issues to help families move on after treatment ends.
Clifford, Christine
J362.196994 CLIFF

When their mother is diagnosed with cancer, sixth grader Tim and his younger brother visit her in the hospital, learn about radiation and chemotherapy, and help with the chores at home.
Ackermann, Abigail
J616.994 ACKER

Two sisters, ages eleven and thirteen, describe what it was like for them when their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy.
Winthrop, Elizabeth

A young girl experiences a range of emotions when her mother undergoes treatment for cancer.
Ries, Lori

The bright, bouncing voice of the young narrator takes readers through his mother's cancer year, from her first chemotherapy treatment to the day her hair comes back and "all the alien blobs have gone away."
Kohlenberg, Sherry

Sammy's mommy receives treatment for cancer, goes into the hospital for surgery, recovers at home, and shares her continuing love for him.
Henry, Cynthia S.
J616.994 HENRY

Although Max is fighting ALL (Acute Lymphatic Leukemia), he wants to be treated just like the other kids in his class. Includes notes to teachers.
Matthies, Manna

When a mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her family plant a garden and watch it grow through the seasons as she undergoes treatments and gets better.
Numeroff, Laura Joffe

Drawn from real stories about mothers with cancer, The Hope Tree focuses on ten key topics that often affect families dealing with illness.
Polacco, Patricia

When Marilyn and her teacher, Miss Wichelman, both get cancer, they encourage each other and, aided by medical treatments and support from friends, they get better. Based on a true story.
Blake, Claire

When Mom gets cancer all of the family's routines are disrupted, but with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and rest, she eventually gets well enough to do the things they did before she got sick.
Martin, Carrie
J362.196994 MARTI

A ten-year-old girl tells of the many feelings she has regarding her mother's cancer.
Speltz, Ann

Clare keeps a journal that describes the medical treatments her mother undergoes for breast cancer, her family's experiences, and her own feelings and concerns. Includes a list of resources.
Hermes, Patricia

During the autumn of the year, thirteen-year-old Sarah learns her mother is dying of cancer.