Books about drugs.

Senker, Cath
J615.1 SENKE

Elliott, Zetta

Bird, an artistic young African American boy, expresses himself through drawing as he struggles to understand his older brother's drug addiction and death, while a family friend, Uncle Son, provides guidance and understanding.
Apel, Melanie Ann
J616.864 APEL

Explains the parts and functions of the nose, how the body breathes and smells, the effects of the drug cocaine, and how to get treatment for addiction.
Lishak, Antony
J613.8 LISHA

So what? -- A drug addicted parent -- A pair of smokers -- A reluctant user -- A drugs dog handler -- A drugs farmer -- Son of a drug dealer -- Prescription drugs -- Binge drinking -- A gas user -- Drugs in sport -- What do drugs have to do with me? -- Websites and glossary.
Deboo, Ana
J613.8 DEBOO

Drug dangers -- What are drugs? -- Drugs in history -- Medicines -- Common drugs -- Why do people abuse drugs? -- Drug addiction -- Harmful effects of drugs -- Overdoses -- Drugs' emotional effects -- Drugs and the law -- Kids and drugs -- Where to go for help -- Glossary -- More books to read -- Web sites -- Index -- Facts about drugs.
Etingoff, Kim
J613.8 ETING

Real-life stories -- What makes drugs and alcohol dangerous? -- Staying safe and being prepared -- What can you do to stay safe?
Cobb, Allan B.
J616.86 COBB

Discusses the illegal use of heroin as a narcotic, describing how it is taken and its physical effects on the body, especially on the veins.
Stanley, Debbie
J616.86 STANL

Discusses marijuana, the most widely used illegal drug in the United States, emphasizing its damaging physiological effects on the mind and body, most especially the lungs.
Bird, Stephen
J615.1 BIRD

Describes pain relievers, diet pills, and other over-the-counter drugs, their use in treating various health problems, their side effects, and their dangers if misused.
Cobb, Allan B.
J362.29 COBB

Discusses the nature, effects, and dangers of the drug methamphetamine, commonly known as speed, as well as treatment for addiction to it.
Schwartzenberger, Tina
J362.29 SUBST

Why people take drugs -- The social history of drugs -- Medicinal drugs -- Accepted social drugs -- Illicit social drugs -- Mapping problem drugs -- Charting drug use and abuse -- Drugs and crime -- Controlling drugs -- Dictionary of drugs -- Timeline of events.
Taylor, Clark
J362.298 TAYLO

Cumulative verses describe the creation, distribution, and destructive effects of crack cocaine.
Deboo, Ana
J362.296 DEBOO

Winters, Adam
J613.85 WINTE

Discusses addiction to cigarettes, how it is encouraged by advertising, the physiological damage it can cause, reasons to avoid starting, and ways to quit.