Other Illnesses

Books about a variety of different illnesses.

Hultquist, A.

"Ever since Grandpa got Parkinson's, Noah has noticed he does not have as much energy as he used to, and sometimes when he is excited or happy, he can not smile. Noah worries that Parkinson's is his fault, but Grandpa assures him it is not"-- Provided by publisher.
Wilson, Karma

When Bear is too sick to play, his animal friends go to his cave to make him soup and tea and keep him company.
Nardo, Don
J616.8526 NARDO

Binge eating and bulimia -- The dangers of anorexia -- What causes eating disorders? -- Treatment for eating disorders.
Kruszka, Bonnie J
J618.923995 KRUSZ

A story about a happy, active five-year-old who finds out she has celiac disease, but learns how to control it by eating a gluten-free diet.
Newman, Patricia
J616.918 NEWMA

"What's Ebola? Do we need to be afraid? This short book will take readers beyond the headlines to help them understand the 2014 outbreak. It will inform while helping to alleviate fears."-- Provided by publisher.
Urdahl, Catherine

Levete, Sarah
J616.836 LEVET

What is cerebral palsy? -- The causes of cerebral palsy -- Diagnosis -- Types of cerebral palsy -- Other effects of cerebral palsy -- Managing cerebral palsy -- Other support -- Technological support -- Communication -- How it feels -- Everyday life -- Being at school -- Cerebral palsy and the family -- Into adulthood -- Raising awareness -- The future.
Powell, Jillian
J616.37 POWEL

Discusses why cystic fibrosis occurs, how it is diagnosed, how it affects people, and how it is treated.
Bender, Lionel
J616.853 BENDE

What is epilepsy? -- Causes and effects -- Who has epilepsy? -- Partial seizures -- Generalised seizures -- Triggers -- Diagnosis -- How you can help -- Controlling epilepsy -- Taking medicines -- Living with epilepsy -- Epilepsy and families -- Epilepsy at achool -- Sports and leisure -- Growing up with epilepsy -- Epilepsy treatments.
Silverstein, Alvin
J616.205 SILVE

"An overview about colds and the flu--how germs are spread, how to treat these diseases, and how to avoid becoming sick"-- Provided by publisher.
Niner, Holly L

A boy is diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and learns about constructive ways he can manage his condition. Includes nonfiction information from a physician.
Cowan, Charlotte

Mills, Joyce C.

Although she is saddened that storm damage has caused her to lose some of her branches, Little Tree draws strength and happiness from the knowledge that she still has a strong trunk, deep roots, and a beautiful heart.
Fromer, Liza
J612.79 FROME

Weinberg, Hedy

"Jake and Celia learn to deal with their mom's viral infection."
Bachman, JoAnne
J617.44 BACHM

"People often make decisions that affect their lives in unexpected ways. My decision to give a test tube of blood changed not only my life but the life of another forever. A forgotten thought for nearly ten years suddenly becomes a life changing decision when my bone marrow matched a teenager who needed to survive. My story shares the physical and emotional journey of an anonymous bone marrow donor..."
Cowan, Charlotte

Peterseil, Yaacov

"Alopecia always stars as Princess Rapunzel in the Rapunzel Festival. After all, she has the longest, most beautiful hair of anyone in town. But one day, Alo--that's what her friends call her--finds a clump of hair on her pillow..."
Cowan, Charlotte

Abdullah, Patricia

The Bailey family is facing a terrible challenge. Dad's kidneys have failed and he isn't doing well on dialysis. He might die. What can they do to save him? James, the oldest son, takes up the challenge to find a way to keep his dad alive. Will he find a solution in time?
Chilman-Blair, Kim
J618.92994 CHILM

In graphic novel format, the Medikidz, superheroes from the planet Mediland, help the reader and Richard understand leukemia.
Jenkins, Kay Mixson
J616.833 JENKI

When you live with a devasting illness like Parkinson's Disease (PD), it affects your entire family--especially your kids. In PD families, children witness the debilitating symptoms first-hand, and thy may have many questions and concerns. But what are the best answers to give? Fortunately, this remarkable book will console and inform your child. Follow the adventures of a boy named Colt and his toy panda bear, "Pee Dee", and learn how families can better live with the disease.