Musical Concepts

Connors, Abigail Flesch
PTC J786.8

Includes activities to bring music into the classroom and offer ways for children to participate in the music experience, using rhythm sticks, sand blocks, bells, shakers, and more.
Abramson, Robert M.
PTC J781.224

An activity book, including two CDs of musical accompaniment, from Robert Abramson, a leading authority in the principles and use of the Dalcroze method. Feel it! offers parents, teachers, and other caregivers a wide selection for developing behaviors that lead to cooperation, character, good listening, and body skills.
Luppens, Valeaira and Greg Foreman

For music teachers and substitute music teachers of grades 3-6. Lesson plans specifically target each of the nine MENC National Standards for Music Education.
Adair, Audrey J.

This kit features 204 reproducible activities to easily build skills in reading music, singing, composing, music theory, listening, ear training, and instruments of band and orchestra for grades kindergarten through eight.
Abramson, Robert M.
PTC J780.7 ABRAM, 1997

Contains games and activities that follow the Dalcroze model. It encourages teachers and students to invent their own variations for active participation in music and movement. Includes 2 CDs.
Gagne, Denise
PTC J372.87 SINGI, V.1

Gagne, Denise
PTC J372.87 SINGI, V.2


Features a unique collection of rhythm-based, integrative games and activities.
Pressnall, Debra Olson and Lorilee Malecha

Offers materials that strengthen basic music concepts and reading skills. Through these games students have opportunities to practice identifying notes, rests, and other commonly used symbols as well as notes on the treble and bass clef staffs.