The dentist can be a daunting experience for first-timers, so here's a booklist that helps explain the process and the necessity.

Ziefert, Harriet
J617.6 ZIEFE

Munsch, Robert N.

Andrew's tooth is loose and no one can help him remove it, not even the Tooth Fairy.
McGuire, Leslie

This pop-up book has movable floss and brushes so that children can learn good dental hygiene by helping their animal friends practice it.
Allen County Public Library
KIT J617.6

Learn about good dental care.
Steig, William

Dr. De Soto, a mouse dentist, copes with the toothaches of various animals except those with a taste for mice, until the day a fox comes to him in great pain.
Ehrlich, Fred
J617.6 EHRLI

Although animals may not brush their teeth, children are told how and why they should.
Grohman, Almute
J617.6 GROHM

Uses animals and rhyme to introduce the necessity of dental care.
Frost, Helen
J617.6 FROST

An introductory look at a dentist's office, including the equipment found there, what the dentist does during a check-up, and cavities.
Mayer, Mercer

Little Critter goes to the dentist for a checkup, and finds that going to the dentist isn't so bad.
Johnston, Marianne
J617.6 JOHNS

Every kid facing a dental exam imagines the worst: sitting in the dentist's chair with a whirring drill or long needle hovering above. Preparation is everything, and this important book tells kids what to expect.
Sage, Angie

When Molly visits the dentist for the first time, she will not show him her teeth until he lets her look at them in his tiny mirror.
Keller, Laurie
J617.6 KELLE

Through a classroom setting in which teeth are the students, presents information about the structure and care of teeth and the services provided by dentists.
Gomi, Taro

A crocodile and a dentist have an encounter in which each is afraid of the other.
Murphy, Patricia J.
J617.6 MURPH

Text and photographs introduce a visit to the dentist's office, and explains what the hygienist and dentist do during a typical check-up.
Rosenberry, Vera

On Vera's first visit to the dentist, she has an unexpected reaction when he tries to polish her teeth.
London, Jonathan

Zack the chimpanzee goes to the dentist to see about his toothache.