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    by Dawn S | May 22, 2018
    2018 Summer Learning Program
    Program Name: Potterfest: Fantastic Beasts Scavenger Hunt
    Program Description: Newt stopped by our library for a research visit, only to have his Fantastic Beasts book pages scattered throughout the building by a pesky pixie! Can you help him locate and verify all 30 of the missing Beast pages?

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    Check out our calendar for locations, days, and times!

    This program is a part of our SPARK! Summer Learning Program.
    Science / Play / Arts / Reading / Knowledge

    by Dawn S | May 22, 2018
    2018 Summer Learning Program
    Program Name: Potterfest: Patronus Watercolors
    Program Description: Give life to your Patronus, using this simple yet beautiful painting technique.
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    Check out our calendar for locations, days, and times!

    This program is a part of our SPARK! Summer Learning Program.
    Science / Play / Arts / Reading / Knowledge

    by Craig B | May 21, 2018
    Journal Gazette Biking Librarian photoHow many words must a video with a voiceover and a soundtrack be worth?!  The “end of numbers?”  (to quote the child of a co-worker).  Well, at least we can agree it’s probably a lot.  But wait, what am I even talking about?  Tour de ACPL?  What’s that?

    Well, let me tell you (in as few words as possible, I’d like the following video to do my talking for me.)  On Wednesday, May 2, I set out from Aboite Branch Library to bicycle along the Rivergreenway to nine other Allen County Public Library locations and various Allen County parks and points of interest.  I wanted to demonstrate how easy it could be to get around our community and just how many great things there were to do and see … and just how embedded our libraries are in neighborhoods throughout the county.  Truth be told, I was a bit nervous on the eve of my 40 mile bike ride.  I wasn’t sure I’d gotten in good enough shape, that I would be able to keep to the schedule, or that my videographer, Kay, would still be my friend after she’d had to follow me pell-mell through traffic, heat, and hundreds of minutes of footage.  But it went fine!  Excellent even!  Not that I wasn’t tired.  Believe me, I went to bed early afterwards.  But, before I say too much, let me allow the “pictures” to do the talking.  Check out the video we’ve put together and posted to ACPL’s YouTube channel and perhaps even be inspired to utilize the beautiful Rivergreenway of Fort Wayne to experience the many parks and sites of our community and to visit ACPL; quite possibly, if you’ll allow me a little license, the best thing in town.

    Onward to YouTube and the Tour de ACPL!

    craig Craig B is a thirty-something lover of books, movies, and rock and roll whose grandmother still worries that he might not be eating enough. (Love you, Grandma!) He lives with his charming wife in the small town of Berne, IN (in sight of the clock tower) where he busies himself keeping the Roses of Sharon in check and training his chinchilla in the ancient arts of the Ninja. Craig’s current favorite book is Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.
    by Angie Fetters-Nitza | May 18, 2018

    The last Design It! Program of the school year is happening Wednesday, May 23 from 3:30pm-4:30pm in Children’s Services at the Downtown Library.

    Join us to plan, design and build your very own city in a box. What would you include if you were in charge of planning a city? Would it have five candy stores and twenty toy stores, or maybe some roads, houses and a hospital? You’re in charge, so you get to decide. We'll supply everything you need to be a master city engineer for the afternoon.

    Shoebox City

    by Evan | May 18, 2018

    If you just read an interesting book and the author has an email address on her/his website, use it. One of the cool things about reading today is that you might have a quick exchange of ideas with someone far away who stirred your brain a bit. 

    Eternal LifeThe other night I finished Dara Horn's new novel Eternal Life and applauded myself for discovering a deep insight about it. The up front story is about two ancient Israeli lovers who make a pact with God to save the life of their dying young son. Their son lives, but they can never die -- or at least never stay dead. They live one struggling life after another and are always consumed by fires and then reappear somewhere as their young adult selves. The woman is sick and tired of the whole thing and really, really wants to die for good. 

    The book is a meditation about life and death, but it occurred to me at the end that the protagonists also represent the story of the Jewish people. So, like the teacher's pet I've always been, I wrote to Ms. Horn to tell her my reasons for my deep insight and ask her whether I was right. I felt a little chagrined when she wrote back that night to say:

    "OF COURSE it's a metaphor for Jewish history!" 

    Then she went on to note certain historical nuggets wrapped inside the story. My ego recovered a little, because I had figured out a key plot twist involving a real-life figure whom Horn credits with keeping Judaism alive after the temple was destroyed. I was amused that she added, 

    "I'm frankly delighted that this was subtle enough that you felt the need to ask, since subtlety is not generally one of my strengths. My very mainstream publisher clearly felt that the immortality angle was more of a crowd-pleaser, and of course readers who read it that way still have plenty to think about. But I absolutely intended the book as a metaphor for Jewish history, which I find supernatural in its longevity. As Mark Twain wrote at the end of his 1898 essay 'Concerning the Jews': 'What is the secret of their immortality?' "

    You can't expect certain top-selling authors to give you an email address; just imagine how many complaints George R. R. Martin would get every day because he still hasn't finished The Winds of Winter. But it's fun to have a little interaction with a lower-profile writer whose work intrigues you. Give it a try.

    EvanEvan - Married, three children, two grandchildren, formerly a newspaper journalist, now a public librarian, at all times a board game nut.
    by Dawn S | May 17, 2018
    Here are two new DIY books for the family who wants to try something a little different.

    Now Make This
    Curated by Thomas Barnthaler
    cover image for now make this
    Featuring projects from designers and artists from around the world, this books gives instructions for lamps, shoes, shelves, toys, and more. The lovely, simple layout clearly shows tools you'll need, steps you'll take, and color photos of the projects you'll be creating. I love how the editor's note at the beginning reminds us that "Sometimes what you might think is a mistake can actually make your project better!"


    DIY Circus Lab for Kids
    by Jackie Leigh Davis
    cover image for diy circus lab
    Have you ever wanted to learn how to juggle or form a human pyramid? Circus arts educator, Jackie Leigh Davis wrote this fun new book to show you how! Jam packed with color photos, instructions, and safety info, this book gives you a basic introduction to many circus stunts. You'll be impressing your friends and family in no time.
    by Emily M | May 16, 2018
    You are invited to join us the first Wednesday of each month to view an independent or foreign film as a part of our Independent Film Movement Series.  In June, we will be featuring Jasper Jones, based on the iconic Australian novel by Craig Silvey.

    Jasper Jones is a riveting and moving Australian coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14. On the night that Jasper Jones, the town's mixed race outcast shows him the dead body of young Laura Wishheart, Charlie's life is changed forever. Entrusted with this secret and believing Jasper to be innocent, Charlie embarks on a dangerous journey to find the true killer. Set over the scorching summer holidays of 1968, Charlie defeats the local racists, faces the breakup of his parents and falls head over heels in love as he discovers what it means to be truly courageous. 

    Starring: Toni Collette, (United States of Tara), Hugo Weaving (The Lord of the Rings, Matrix), and Angourie Rice (Spider-Man: Homecoming)


      What: Jasper Jones
    When: Wednesday, June 6, 6:30 pm
      Where: Main Library, Globe Room

     Free admission, ages 18 and up.
     This film is not rated.

    by Craig B | May 16, 2018

    cover for Walker Hayes' album, Boom.Clever, funny, even, and mostly unobjectionable, Walker Hayes’ pop-country album, Boom., is only missing a slight increase in electric guitar riffs to make it into the realm of an album I’d listen to again.  Well, that and a few more driving drum lines … and maybe a little more disregard for the easy-listening crowd … and a couple of literary references could go a long way … Ok.  It’s not really that close to being an album I’d listen to again, but if it sounds like the kind of thing you’re into, I’d recommend it.

    Suggested Use: Prepping for a job interview?  Need to learn to talk about your strengths and weaknesses in the most charming way possible?  The self-deprecating lines about being a little too rowdy and needing to be closer to one’s religion in a few of these tracks might go a long way to teaching you the ways of the interview and pecuniary fulfillment.  I mean, what else is smooth, sentimental cleverness for? 

    by Readers' Services | May 14, 2018


    In Cold BloodDo you have an hour to kill?

    True crime is not a modern phenomenon--it dates all the way back to the Elizabethan era!  From historic tales of murder and mayhem to police memoirs and serial killer profiles, people read true crime for any number of reasons: a fascination with the dark side of human nature, vicarious thrills, or a need to understand frightening people and situations.

    Join us at our NEW True Crime Book Club on the second Thursday of each month. We’ll meet in the reading room of the Readers’ Services department from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  Our first meeting takes place on June 14, 2018.


    June’s True Crime Book Club pick is Truman Capote’s masterpiece In Cold Blood, touted as the first “novelistic” work in the true crime genre.   Reserve a copy here.

    Want to read ahead?  Our next meeting will be July 12, 2018.  We’ll be discussing Midnight in Peking by Paul French.  Reserve a copy here.


    Questions?  Call the Readers’ Services department at 260-421-1235.

    by Emily M | May 13, 2018
    Alicia Pyle Quartet loves a good cover, the standards from the jazz era, or a sizzling tango, but their signature sound incorporates classical, Latin, funk, pop & rock along with the best improvisational elements of jazz & grooves from around the world. Enjoy this outdoor concert on the library plaza and buy lunch from one of the food trucks that will be on the plaza: Bravas, Affine, and Mocha Lounge.  Join us for this lunchtime concert!

    Alicia Pyle Quartet featuring Derek Reeves
    When: Wednesday, June 13, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
    Where: Library Plaza, Main Library

    Alicia Pyle Quartet

    by Cindy H | May 11, 2018
    Juliette hasn't spoken a word in 264 days. She's been locked away with almost no human interaction. The outside world has been devastated by climate change, disease, and authoritarian rule. Today is different, however; today she is going to get a roommate. Juliette doesn't know what to expect. She can't trust anyone; her own parents allowed her to be taken away and imprisoned. She understands, though. She's dangerous. No one can touch her. If anyone touches her skin they will feel an unbearable amount of pain and the life will be sucked from their body. She's never meant to hurt anyone; maybe being locked away is for her own good. She's nearly given up hope, but then her roommate turns out to be a boy that she once knew, the only one who seemed like they could possibly understand her. Does she dare believe that she might no longer be alone?

    This dystopian story is very reminiscent of others in the genre, including the Hunger Games and Divergent series. Like these series there is also romance, which I found at times to be a little unrealistic. It is still an intriguing story, however. It is written from Juliette's perspective, written almost like it's her diary. It is part of a series, so if you enjoy this book check out the next book, Unravel Me, in the saga.

    This book is available in print at the library, as an ebook on Overdrive, and as an audiobook on Hoopla.
    by Becky C | May 11, 2018
    Recently ordered dvds now show up in the catalog sooner -- which means you can place them on hold sooner!   This post is only a sneak peek at some of the titles ACPL has ordered this month; there are many more titles heading to the shelves soon. Click here to see a comprehensive list of dvds currently on order (entertainment, informational, kids, etc.)

    All descriptions are taken from our catalog summaries. 

     12 Strong 12 Strong

    War; MPAA rating R

    The story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban.

    Based on the book Horse soldiers by Doug Stanton.

     All I Wish  All I Wish

    Comedy; MPAA rating R

    An aspiring fashion designer struggles to find success and love. The story cuts into her life once a year, always on the same date, her birthday.
     Annihalation Annihilation

    Sci Fi; MPAA rating R

    Biologist and former soldier Lena is shocked when her missing husband comes home near death from a top-secret mission into The Shimmer, a mysterious quarantine zone from which no one has ever returned. Now, Lena and her elite team must enter a beautiful, deadly world of mutated landscapes and creatures, to discover how to stop the growing phenomenon that threatens all life on Earth.

     Bent Bent

    Drama; MPAA rating R

    When a drug bust goes wrong, ex-cop Danny Gallagher's quest for justice leads him to the car-bomb murder of a government official's wife. When Gallagher learns that the woman's secret lover was a seductive federal agent, he finds himself under fire. But from whom, his own cops, a vengeful drug lor, the CIA, or someone even more ruthless?
     Dont Talk to Irene Don't Talk to Irene

    Comedy; TV rating TV-14

    Irene must endure two weeks of community service at a retirement home. Following her passion for cheerleading, she secretly signs up the senior residents to audition for a dance-themed reality show to prove that people don't need to be physically perfect to be perfectly awesome.
     The Jade Pendant The Jade Pendant

    Western; MWT rating NR

    The Old West becomes a battleground for power and revenge in this gripping epic based on true events. A young Chinese woman, Ying-Ying, finds herself on a boat to America after escaping the clutches of a bad arranged marriage. But when she arrives in California, nothing is what she's expected. She's been sold to a house of prostitution and murderers roam the streets. Gold rules all as thousands have come to the Wild West to build railroads in search of fortune and power.
     The Manor  The Manor

    Horror; MPAA rating R

    Still haunted by the demons of a childhood tragedy, Amy checks out of an asylum on her eighteenth birthday. But things get weird when Amy's mother takes her to a rustic resort to visit her strange, sadistic relatives. When hunters and religious fanatics join the party, Amy can no longer tell fantasy from reality, watching helplessly as the blood spills anew.

     Red Sparrow Red Sparrow

    Mystery; MPAA rating R

    Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to Sparrow School, a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. Her first mission, targeting a C.I.A. agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations.

    Based on the book by Jason Matthews
     Valentinas Wedding  Valentina's Wedding

    Romantic Comedy; MPAA rating R

    Families feud, laughs fly, and cultures clash in this hilarious romantic comedy. Valentina has the perfect life in New York, with the perfect job and a perfect boyfriend, Jason. But when Valentina's scandal-ridden family in Mexico asks Valentina to pretend to be married to her ex-beau, Angel, in order to protect her father's political campaign, Valentina's ordered life turns upside down as she struggles to choose where her heart belongs.

     Winchester  Winchester

    Horror; MPAA rating PG-13

    Eccentric firearm heiress believes she is haunted by the souls of people killed by the Winchester repeating rifle.
     Wonderstruck Wonderstruck

    Mystery; MPAA rating PG

    The story of a young boy in the Midwest is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in New York from fifty years ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection.

    Becky CBecky likes to read … A LOT. When she’s not reading, she likes to pretend that she can garden. Her favorite books are The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz and The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman..
    by Dawn S | May 10, 2018
    In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, here are some great books for little ones about moms. Enjoy!

    cover image for the day i lost my superpowers 

    The Day I Lost My Superpowers
    by Michaël Escoffier

    This dear little girl tells us all about how she discovered she had superpowers and how she uses them.
    But when those powers fail, and she gets hurt, it's mom who comes to save the day!

    cover image for mommy mama and me

    Mommy, Mama, and Me
    by Lesléa Newman

    Here's a sweet little board book showing a baby's fun day with her two moms.

    cover image for all we know
    All We Know
    by Linda Ashman

    This tender and quiet book describes how some things just come naturally, like the rhythm of waves, the sparkle of stars, and a mother's love.

    cover image for are you my mother

    Are You My Mother?
    by P.D. Eastman

    It's a classic! I know some moms who have the board book version memorized it's such a family favorite.

    cover image for jazzy in the jungle

    Jazzy in the Jungle
    by Lucy Cousins

    Bold, colorful pictures make this book about Mama Jojo and Baby Jazzy playing hide and seek extra fun to read.

    by Kay S | May 10, 2018
    Yep, another month and more books to read!!! Get ready for the summer and check out these books. Take them to the beach, sit out on the patio while the fireflies are all around you. Have fun! These are a few selected books I've been hearing some good reports about. These books will be released from May 15 to June 14, 2018. And, what do I always say? Those are the release dates by the publisher, not the date they will be on your library shelves.

    Historical Romance
     Elizabeth Elliott Elizabeth Elliott
    The Princess
    The Montagues series
    June 5 
    Welcome back Elizabeth after a long absence!
     Eloisa james Eloisa James
    Too Wilde to Wed
    Wildes of Lindow Castle series
    May 29
     Paula Quinn Paula Quinn
    Laird of the Black Isle
    Highland Heirs series
    May 29

    Historical Fiction

     Kevin Powers Kevin Powers
    A Shout in the Ruin
    May 15 

    Contemporary Romance/Mainstream Fiction/New Adult/Women's Fiction

    Arif Anwar  Arif Anwar
    The Storm, debut
    May 15
     Celeste Bradley Celeste Bradley
    Susan Donovan
    Contemporary romance
    June 12
     Hoang Helen Hoang
    The Kiss Quotient
    Contemporary romance
    June 5
     Helena Hunting Helena Hunting
    I Flipping Love You
    Shacking Up series
    Contemporary Romance
    May 29
     Julie Anne Long Julie Anne Long
    The First Time at Firelight Falls
    A Hellcat Canyon Novel series
    Contemporary romance
    May 29
     Karen White Karen White
    Dreams of Falling
    June 5

    Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Romantic Suspense

     Tracy Clark Tracy Clark
    Broken Places, debut
    A Chicago Mystery series
    May 29 
     Peg Cochran Peg Cochran
    Bought the Farm
    Farmer's Daughter Mystery series
    June 5
     Julia Heaberlin Julia Heaberline
    Paper Ghosts
    May 15
     Horowitz Anthony Horowitz
    The Word is Murder
    June 5
     Brynn Kelly Brynn Kelly
    A Risk Worth Taking
    The Legionnaires series
    Romantic suspense
    May 29
     Kat Martin Kat Martin
    Beyond Control Beyond Control
    The Texas Trilogy series
    Romantic suspense
    May 29

    Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy

     Christine Feehan Christine Feehan
    Shadow Keeper
    A Shadow Riders Novel series
    Paranormal romance
    May 29 
     Nalini Singh Nalini Singh
    Ocean Light
    Psy-Changeling Trinity series
    Paranormal Romance
    June 12

    Young Adult/Teens

     Morgan Matson Morgan Matson
    Save the Date
    June 5 

    Inspirational Romance/Mainstream

     Karen Barnett Karen Barnett
    Where the Fire Falls
    Shadows of wilderness series
    June 5
     Hillman Pam Hillman
    The Road to Magnolia Glen
    Natchez Trace series
    June 5
     Hunter Kristi Ann Hunter
    A Defense of Honor
    Haven Manor series
    June 5
     Courtney Walsh Courtney Walsh
    Just Let Go
    June 5
     Catherine West Catherine West
    Where Hope Begins
    May 22
     Elizabeth Younts Elizabeth Byler Younts
    The Solace of Water
    June 5


     Lynda Aicher Lynda Aicher
    Blind Trust
    The Boardroom series
    May 14 

    kayKay is an avid reader of historical romance books, maybe with a little trip into paranormal land and an occasional journey into mystery world.
    by Dawn S | May 09, 2018

    Last week our Main Library received a single delivery of 9,000 pounds of books!
    Because we're gearing up for the Summer Learning Program and they're just some of the gift books we're giving out as reading incentives.
    piles of books

    We're planning for some amazing things for kids this summer.
    Our Summer Learning Program, SPARK, will have reading incentives, book character visits, cool crafts, puppet shows, toddler music classes, free lunches at some libraries, and so much more!

    You can register online now to earn gifts for reading once June 1st rolls around.
    You can check out our online calendar for all the great events coming in June and July.
    You can check back here on our blog for more Summer Learning information as we get closer.

    Allen County Public Library's SPARK Summer Learning is generously funded in part by the Foellinger Foundation, The Friends of the Library and the Library Foundation.

    by Craig B | May 08, 2018

    Book Review: John Updikes's winner of the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Rabbit is Rich

    cover for John Updike's novel, Rabbit is RichI made a note to myself on my new smartphone (which is a very old smartphone, inherited from my wife from when she upgraded, also my first smartphone, kind of like this is my first Updike novel which makes me feel a bit ashamed … I guess you can’t read living authors in college, right?)  while reading John Updike’s 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction win, Rabbit is Rich, that the book is full of “good, terrible news.”  Now, weeks later, I’m not sure exactly what I meant by that, but let me dip into the stream of my consciousness a bit, oh that’s right, for me there was something burdensome about Rabbit’s richness or maybe it was details like Rabbit noting that his wife’s infidelity had made her a “niftier person.”  Kind of good, kind of terrible news, and, honestly, quite fascinating reading.

    My wife says Pennsylvania is God’s Country and on my last visit I started to see what she was talking about and one can tell Updike really was from there; he’s got a feel for the layout, the jolly vibe that everything really terrible in Pennsylvania happened a while ago, and in the book, to back this kind of random claim up, there is no actual tragedy, though there are a couple of moments… well, I’ll just leave it at that.  I think perhaps this is all by design.  As Updike himself said of his writing, he attempted "to give the mundane its beautiful due.”  Okay, but there’s also something of the farce here, which doesn’t necessarily ring any less true to my experience of life, and so, I’m looking forward to reading Rabbit at Rest.  I’m not sure I want to go back and read the other Rabbit novels, at least not right away, you know, because, so much of the tension of Rabbit is Rich comes from what we don’t know and if we resolve the mystery aren’t we just left with the mundane?  Of course, in the end, that may be all we need, at least from the gifted hands of a writer like Updike.

    Craig B author Craig B is a thirty-something lover of books, movies, and rock and roll whose grandmother still worries that he might not be eating enough. (Love you, Grandma!) He lives with his charming wife in the small town of Berne, IN (in sight of the clock tower) where he busies himself keeping the Roses of Sharon in check and training his chinchilla in the ancient arts of the Ninja. Craig’s current favorite book is Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.
    by Dawn S | May 05, 2018
    Sometimes listening to a book is better than reading it yourself.
    Take a look at these new books on CD!

    cover image for beast of stone cover image for 365 bible stories for kids cover image for good dog
    cover image for the parker inheritance cover image for lights music code
    cover image for crash landing
    cover image for time jumpers  cover image for the unflushables
    cover image for mad wolf's daughter
    by Angie Fetters-Nitza | May 03, 2018

    Join us to discover just how easily you can write a great story! You’ll decide if you want to tell your story using only pictures, just words, or both. We’ll play a game that will help you choose your characters, what they are like, the setting, and the story’s problem. You get to tell how it all happens.

    Our next Design It! Program will be on Wednesday, May 9 at the Main Library in Children’s Services from 3:30pm-4:30pm in the Globe Room.


    During our last Design It! Program, we created musical instruments. The results rocked! Take a look.

    by Evan | May 03, 2018

    The Great Courses

    Free college education -- right here at the Allen County Public Library!

    Not a free diploma, mind you. Just the lectures. We're not having you take any tests or write any papers, but we are offering you thousands of hours of free lectures by top college professors.

    It's called The Great Courses series. There are courses you can "take" on your car CD player while commuting to work each day and courses you can watch on DVD. We've got hundreds of them, and I've listened to dozens, appreciating each one. 

    I've caught up with ancient civilizations, the symphonies of Beethoven and most recently the history of the Earth. You might choose the mystical traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam or mathematical decision making or, if you are really ambitious, Medical School for Everyone.

    You can go to a college and audit a course for $900 or take one of ours for free -- courses given by teaching stars. Courses you can play back to review the hard parts. Courses that usually include a book that outlines what you are hearing. 

    It's a good deal. I encourage anyone who wants to learn just for the fun of it to listen up. 

    EvanEvan - Married, three children, two grandchildren, formerly a newspaper journalist, now a public librarian, at all times a board game nut.
    by Cindy H | May 02, 2018
    Did you know that arson is the number one most expensive property crime in the United States, and that many of those fires are caused by children and teens? More than 7,100 youth-set fires occur every year, resulting in millions of dollars in damage, and often tragic injuries and even death. Although some of the fires are unintentional, many are not. It is important to learn about this prevalent problem and how to protect your family and property.

    Fire fighter Dave Meadows and mental health counselor Michael Slavkin, experts from the Allen County Juvenile Firesetting Taskforce, will be visiting the Aboite Branch Library on Wednesday, May 9 from 6:00-7:00 PM to give an interactive presentation for children, teens, and parents. Don't miss this opportunity!

    If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to call Cindy Harter, Aboite Branch Youth Librarian, at 260-421-1310.