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    by Mari H. | Mar 23, 2017


    The due dates for end of year research papers are looming....

    Did you know the library subscribes to databases that can help you complete these assignments?  If you are looking for encyclopedia articles, newspapers, magazines, and journals for your research, our databases have you covered.  

    Why use the databases when a web search is faster?  The databases contain vetted content that the library pays to access.  Although there are some great informational sites available on the open Internet, there are also millions of not-so-good web sites.  The library's subscription databases provide high quality information and are updated regularly.  

    Here's how to access them:

    Visit the library’s home page at to get started. Click on Research and then Research Tools.  The databases are grouped in collections.   Click on Teens to see some of the products that are popular with middle school and high school students. You will need to enter your library card number (without spaces) to access the databases from home.

    Here are a few examples of the products you can access:

    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context – This is the go-to product for research on current events and social issues.  Here you will find viewpoint essays from both sides of an issue as well as magazine, newspaper, and reference content on each topic.
    • Science in Context – All areas of science and its history are covered here.  If you need supporting information for a science experiment or you are researching animals, biomes, or outer space, give this one a try.
    • Literature Resource Center – Here is where you’ll find biographical information on authors as well as criticism of their works.
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library – Technically, it’s not a database, it’s an e-book platform that is keyword searchable.  It houses many digital reference books that might come in handy for your research.

    Don't forget the library also has hundreds of thousands of books and other materials available to check out or use within the library.   If you need help finding information, just give us a call at 421-1255 or send an email to

    by Mari H. | Feb 06, 2017

    Knowledgeable volunteers are available to assist students in grades 6-12 with homework assignments in the area of math, science, social studies and language arts.   Students, please bring your text book or assignment sheet.  Homework Help takes place in the Main Library Teens department on the 2nd floor.  No appointment is necessary; just drop in!

    Days/time:  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 PM
    by Mari H. | Mar 11, 2016
    Students in grades 6-12: the Homework Help program at Main Library is now available three evenings a week in the Teen department on the 2nd floor.  An appointment is not necessary, just drop in.

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    6:00-8:00 PM

    homework help

    Knowledgeable volunteers are available to assist with homework assignments in the areas of math, science, social sciences, and language arts.   Don't forget your textbook or assignment sheet.  Helpers can also assist you with preparing for tests; just bring your test preparation book or copies of the problems or questions you are struggling with.

    The Homework Help program runs through May 18th but will be closed during spring break the week of April 4th.

    by Scott | Aug 26, 2015

    Homework Help begins Monday, September 14th!

    What is Homework Help?
    A free community service since 1997, the program provides one-on-one homework help to students in grades 6-12.

    Who can use Homework Help?
    Students in grades 6-12 who need homework help (including math, science, and many other subjects) can attend. It is a great service for students of all academic levels.

    Is Homework Help free?
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Plus: it’s free.

    Do I need to register to come to Homework Help?
    No. Homework Help is a drop-in service, meaning you can come and go at any time during the hours it is offered. Some students visit us every night it is offered and stay the full two hours. Some students visit us only every once in a while and stay just until they have their question(s) answered.

    When is Homework Help?
    Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:00 to 8:00 pm during the school year.
    Note: There is no Homework Help when Fort Wayne Community Schools are closed for vacations or weather-related emergencies.

    Where is Homework Help?
    Young Adults’ Services (2nd floor of the Main Library at 900 Library Plaza). For a map, click here.

    Who are the Helpers?
    Our trained volunteers are usually professionals (engineers, accountants, retired professors, etc.) with a desire to give back to their community by helping the next generation succeed.

    Will the Helpers give students the answers?
    No. Homework Helpers guide students but do not do the work for them. Helpers explain concepts and ask the right questions to help students analyze the problems and find their own solutions.

    What do the students need to bring with them?

    • Homework assignment
    • Textbook (if available)
    • Paper
    • Pencil or pen

    What is the difference between Homework Help and a tutoring service?
    Tutoring implies personal instruction in a subject area. Our Helpers are not teachers. They are here to help the students answer specific questions and complete specific homework assignments.

    What can I expect when I come to Homework Help?
    The Helpers set up at a table in the open area of Young Adults’ Services. They have blue signs at each end of the table that read, “Homework Help Available.” You may walk right up, sit down, take out your homework and let them know you are here for help. A Helper will be with you as soon as possible, often immediately.

    Some students only need help with one specific problem. Some students need help with the whole assignment. It is not uncommon for a student to come in, take out his or her homework assignment and say, “I just don’t get this.” A Helper will spend time with the student looking over the assignment and then tackling specific problems one by one, explaining how to solve them as they go.

    On busy nights our Helpers will sometimes need to help two or more students at a time. In this case the Helper will generally get you started on an assignment, take time to help another student, then come back to check on your progress, and so on.

    Can I be a Homework Helper?
    Are you at least 16 years of age? Do you have a strong math and science background? Can you commit 2 hours, one night a week during the school year? Do you like helping kids? Then the answer may be “yes.” Visit Allen County Public Library’s Volunteer Services for more information.

    Have more questions? Contact us at Young Adults’ Services, 421-1255.

    Other Options? For other homework and tutoring resources in our area, check out this list of tutoring resources.