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The Audio Reading Service is Going Digital with the News-Sentinel

by Audio Reading Service | Oct 10, 2017

Hand swipes digital version of the News-Sentinel, no longer available in print.

At the Audio Reading Service, our purpose is to broadcast local newspapers, magazines, and more, for anyone with challenges to reading traditional print. As a part of that, we have been broadcasting volunteers reading both the Journal Gazette and the News-Sentinel for nearly 40 years.

This week, we turn a new page – or maybe swipe to a new page? – as the News-Sentinel goes all digital.

Our staff and volunteers have been working together closely, to continue to bring our listeners with reading challenges the same content as those who receive a paper copy of the Journal Gazette at their homes, or read the News-Sentinel online.

As we make this transition, there will inevitably be modifications as new information and content becomes available, but we remain dedicated to bringing our listeners as seamless an experience as possible.

We stand by our ongoing commitment to provide the information and features our listeners are looking for in both of our live broadcasts: the morning reading of the Journal Gazette, and the afternoon news featuring the News-Sentinel.

If you or anyone you know has any questions or concerns about this transition, or if you are interested in finding out more about the Audio Reading Service, please contact us at 260-421-1376 or email AudioReadingService@acpl.info

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