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Anderson, Moira
J535.6 ANDER

What is blue? The color blue is all around. What would you do with these blue things?
Bruce, Lisa
J535.6 BRUCE

A simple introduction to blue things found in nature.
Bryant-Mole, Karen
J535.6 BRYAN

Photographs of such things as a plate, toy boat, and butterfly introduce the color blue.
Woolfitt, Gabrielle
J535.6 WOOLF

Examines a variety of things associated with the color blue--electric sparks, feelings, flowers, clothing, gems, and more.
Gordon, Sharon

Stockland, Patricia M.
J535.6 STOCK

Find the color blue all around you through this bold and beautiful book. Simple, repetitive text and bright illustrations make the Colors concept series a must have.
Loughrey, Anita
J535.6 LOUGH

With bold, bright design and fantastic illustrations, young learners get to grips with the color blue.
Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth

Simple text and pictures introduce things that are blue, including a pair of overalls, sweater, popsicle, and ball.
Stewart, Melissa

Introduces pre-readers to simple concepts about blue animals using the repetition of words"--Provided by publisher.
Dingles, Molly

Simple text and illustrations introduce the color blue and objects that bear that color.
Freedom, Deborah

An enterprising chicken attempts to help an artist paint the barnyard and accidentally turns the whole picture blue.
Sterling, Kristin
J535.6 STERL

Discusses the color blue and the wide range of its hues that can be found in nature and in society, with photographs and information about the meaning of "feeling blue."
Parker, Victoria
J535.6 PARKE

Shows different shades of blue and the colors that result when blue is mixed with other colors.
Schuette, Sarah
J535.6 SCHUE

Simple text and photographs describe common things that are blue, including blueberries, bluebirds, and blue jeans.
Asbury, Kelly

Bonnie Blue describes a day's activities at home--swimming, playing in the shade, getting clean, eating dessert, reading a story, and going to sleep. Illustrations feature the color blue.
Whitman, Candace

Points out how the color blue can be found all around us, in the sky, the sea, flowers, and animals.
Neubecker, Robert

Tired of being in a land where everything is blue, Blue and his cow, Polly, travel in search of other hues and eventually find a way to share their own color with the world around them.
Dunbar, Polly

Bertie, who loves the color blue and really wants a dog, finally gets his wish even though the dog he meets is white with black spots.
Averbeck, Jim

Alice wants everything in her bedroom to be blue before she falls asleep.
Barone, Michelle

What will Joe do with and without his favorite shoes?
Pinkwater, Daniel Manus

A small blue seed grows so big that it fills up all the space above the earth.
Rockwell, Anne F.

Miss Dana's class observes two blue jays as they make their nest, have babies, and teach them to fly. Includes information on the physical characteristics and behavior of blue jays.
Kirby, Pamela F.
J598.842 KIRBY

A male bluebird courts his young mate. She accepts, and soon they are building a nest and rearing their young. Follow this story of America's beloved backyard bird, told in stunning full-color photographs and simple text, as the chicks grow, take flight, and finally wear the same beautiful colors as their parents.