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Your Library Makes House Calls

In 1921 Allen County began providing outreach materials in the form of deposit collections to hospitals, homes and general stores. With access to rural areas of the county, bookmobiles dominated outreach services until the 1980s. As branches extended the library's reach, outreach services shifted to the elderly and homebound populations. Today, Library at Home conducts lobby stops, programs and home delivery for Allen County residents who may be confined to their home or living institution at no cost.


How to Begin

Arrangements for homebound delivery to an individual's home or apartment are made by contacting the Library at Home office or by completing the registration form or the online form. To participate, patrons must have a valid library card. The Library at Home staff can assist with the application process for a library card. Once the homebound delivery application has been submitted, you will be notified by phone or mail of your home delivery date and time.

Material Delivery

Library at Home patrons have access to every type of library material. Our Library at Home staff can also recommend items based on your interests. Requested materials are often brought on the next scheduled delivery date, pending item availability.


Facility Services

Supplement Collection

Library at Home can supply a monthly rotating collection of new materials to supplement your facility's existing library.

Lobby Stops

Library at Home can provide a staffed book cart service at your facility. During lobby stops, residents can: 

  • Sign up for a library card

  • Check out the latest books, in regular and large print

  • Browse the book carts

  • Request special titles

  • Receive tech help with their devices

Collection Deposit

Library at Home can leave a collection with an activity director, which may be used for activities, lending, events and enrichment.


Each month, the library offers residents a chance to participate in a unique program, such as travelogues, slide shows or a movie at their facility.

ACPL Branch Tour: Library at Home

Contact us

Call the Library At Home office at (260) 421-1237
Or email:

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