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Book Bowl

The Ultimate Trivia Contest!

Grab your book loving crew and compete for your team to become the Book Bowl 2024 Champions!

It’s BAAAAACK! Your favorite book-focused trivia competition is back and better than ever! Grab your book-loving family members or friends to compete in Book Bowl 2024! Participating teams will answer a series of trivia questions based around book-focused topics to determine the Book Bowl Grand Champions.

Teams are limited to six members each and must designate a “captain” to complete the registration. Official team name must be provided at the time of registration. Team captain must also include list of team participants. Space is limited to just 12 teams with a waitlist (4 additional teams) available in the occurrence one team is unable to make it. In the event your team is moved into the competition from the waitlist, an ACPL staff member will contact your captain to confirm availability.


6 people per team, maximum (minimum, 3 members).

You'll want to take advantage of every spot available for your team. The more diverse interests, ages, and reading levels - the better.

Team captains must be over 18 years old.

This individual will be the leader for their team, and the main point of contact. This includes an email confirmation sent before April 12 to confirm team acceptance.

Create an epic group name.

When you go down in literary history, what will you be known as? Get creative. Your name must be submitted at time of team registration. Past winners have been the Loggercats and the Maybe Masterminds - just saying.

ACPL staff are encouraged to support teams, not participate.

To prevent any unfair advantages, staff members of the Allen County Public Library may not participate on a team. We apologize in advance for restriction of these wise minds.

No smartphones or devices.

At the beginning of Round 1 and Round 2, all phones must be put in phone jail. They will be out of reach and silenced for the duration of the round, but will be accessible during check-in and mid-game break.

No cheating.

Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating will result in instant disqualification and the entire team will be removed from competition. Cheaters will also be publicly shamed.

The team with the most points will win.

There will only be one champion. But you're all winners in our book.

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