The Readers’ Services Department is a diverse department that includes
  • Biography
  • Language & Literature
  • Fiction, including Mystery, Science Fiction and Large print
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Popular Materials - Newspapers, Magazines, Paperbacks
  • Reference Materials
  • Almanacs/Fact books, Dictionaries, Maps, Encyclopedias.

Readers' Services area houses Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center.
It has two study rooms and a silent reading room.

The department has 30 computers which can be reserved using our PC Reservation System for up to one hour.

All the computers in the Readers' Services are running on Windows XP with Microsoft Office 2003 (which includes Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel). The computers have access to the Internet and use Internet Explorer for Web browsing.

Patrons can access their own files on USB flash drives.