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Book Reviewing Tips

About Books: Book Reviewing Tips

Introduction: All book reviews need a strong and dynamic introduction. An introductory sentence, or two, must “snag” the reader. Try starting your review with a query or an exclamatory sentence – a “zinger.”

Plot Condensation: What is the book about? Pretend you are telling a friend about the book and jot down one or two sentences that summarize the plot. Remember, don’t give away any of the surprises!

Closing: Now that you have the reader enticed by your opening “zinger” and short plot summary, it is time to give your overall impressions of the book. Did you find the book readable? Surprising? Informational? Use the last sentence or two of the review to summarize your feelings about the book.

Adjectives, the Pizzazz : Use colorful and descriptive language to make your book review more exciting to read. Use adjectives liberally!

Read it Over: Imagine yourself as a new reader who does not know anything about the book. Does your review invite you to read the book?

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