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2018 Artist Fair

by Artist Fair Committee | Feb 14, 2018

SRP Artist Fair
The Allen County Public Library is pleased to announce we are hosting our second annual Artist Fair on Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Main Library in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This is a great time to connect with your community during the popular festival season that welcomes thousands of visitors to the downtown area. A variety of art mediums will be available for purchase in our Great Hall, courtesy of our amazing line-up of local artists.  

This year's featured artists are:

Lesa Van Meter
Marlene Ludkadoo
Beth Wheeler
Bonnie Manning
Chris Viel
Diane YHoung
Dianna Burt
Erin Kaufman
Janelle Young
John Gingrich
Lynne Padget
Madeline Phuong
Katie Conner
Nancy Fritz
Nick Klein
Rema Addrayie
Robert Castro Jr
Rosie Strothman
Sabina Kittaka
Sarah Conrad
Sarah Klein
Sharmalene Gunawardena
Tom Foltz
Valerie McBride
Amber Albright
Antigonee Albright
Koren Albright
Frank Allen
Tom De Somer
Dr. Chang
Nick Ferran
Su Zzhang
Brian Sirois
Kent Strock

Our Main Library is located at 900 Library Plaza Fort Wayne, Indiana. Free parking is available in all ACPL parking lots, with valid library card.


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  1. Becky K | Apr 11, 2018

    Hi John,


    I checked and the committee is meeting on Monday.  Applicants will be contacted soon afterwards.



  2. JohnG | Apr 11, 2018
    Hello, I registered in time. Should I be worried I haven't from you folks yet?
  3. Becky K | Apr 09, 2018
    I'm sorry, registration is closed.  We hope you'll still come and explore the fair's displays this year.
  4. PVR | Apr 04, 2018
    Looks like I missed the deadline. Any chance I can still register?
  5. Becky K | Mar 22, 2018

    Hi Maeve,

    You need at least one piece of artwork available for sale, however, we encourage you to have more.  Last year, the most successful participants had a good selection of items available for sale at an affordable price.

  6. Maeve | Mar 21, 2018
    how many artworks/prints to sell are required for minimum?
  7. Becky K | Mar 20, 2018
    All ages may participate but we'll need written permission from her parent or legal guardian.
  8. Danielle | Mar 19, 2018
    Are 4 year olds allowed because she's really good?
  9. Becky K | Mar 14, 2018
    Thanks for your question, Valerie!  The fair will be inside; tables and chairs will be provided.  We're also providing lunch for participating artists!
  10. Valerie | Mar 13, 2018
    is this fair inside or outside? Do the artists need to provide a tent?
  11. Becky K | Mar 08, 2018

    You may display as many pieces as you want.  If you have multiple pieces, some may be for display only, but some must be for sale.  The fee is just a placeholder -- it will be reimbursed to you the day of the fair. 

    Hope this helps!  Please let us know if you have other questions.

  12. Becky K | Mar 08, 2018

    Thanks for your question!  All ages may participate but if you are under 18 years old, we'll need written permission from your parent or legal guardian.


  13. sueann tilll | Mar 06, 2018
    wondering how many pieces for the $25 fee can be displayed and what does "you must have art available for sale" mean? Each displayed piece would be for sale?ormore than that. 
  14. T | Mar 01, 2018
    How old do you have to be to participate?

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