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Artist Submission Form

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  • Exhibits are presented by the Allen County Public Library.

    The Gallery Librarian is responsible for selecting material and scheduling exhibit dates
    for the Jeffrey R. Krull Gallery.

    Artwork must be original; while being of a nature, format and quality appropriate for

    1. Artwork must comply with the library’s collection development standards
    2. Artwork must be of suitable size for the main library gallery and must not
    interfere with use of library facilities
    3. Artwork may be relevant to library programs, community observances or cultural
    4. Artwork must not contain images of violence, sexual conduct, degradation of
    race, creed or religion

    Exhibits are to be installed by the exhibitors with the assistance and supervision of the
    Gallery Librarian. The Gallery Librarian shall always retain final say in all aspects of
    arrangement and display.

    All items in an exhibit must be delivered to the gallery on the date and time specified in
    the contract. Any exceptions must be approved in advance.

    Shipping or delivery cost is the responsibility of the artist.

    All items in an exhibit must have a label. Information for labels must be delivered to the
    Gallery Librarian by the date specified in the contract. Labels must meet the requirements
    and standards set by the Allen County Public Library and will be prepared by library

    All items must remain on exhibit from the installation date until the library closes on the
    closing date specified in the contract. Items cannot be removed from the exhibit before
    the take down date (even if the work has been sold).

    In group exhibits, the representative or group exhibitor who signs the contract is
    responsible for ensuring that each member of the group who has works included in the
    exhibit has read a copy of the contract and agrees to the terms of the contract.

    Information including artist’s name and images of artworks submitted to the library may
    be used for publicity for this exhibit, unless otherwise requested. The library’s
    Community Relations department will oversee advertising, catalog publications, opening
    receptions, announcements and mailings. 

    The Allen County Public Library will not be involved in the sale of artwork.

    Insurance is the responsibility of the library while materials are on display. Artists may
    wish to acquire additional insurance for their work.

    Proposal and Procedures

    Planning for the exhibits is done months in advance and exhibitors are encouraged to
    contact the Gallery Librarian at least 1 year prior to the desired month of the exhibit. To
    schedule an appointment with the Gallery Librarian, artists must fill out the contact
    information form.

    If suitable exhibit space is available, a meeting will be scheduled for the exhibitor to
    bring slides or digital images for review. Based on the sample works, the Gallery
    Librarian considers the merit of the proposed exhibit. An exhibitor’s affiliation with artist
    groups, prior exhibits, education and/or professional references and results of competitive
    contests may also be considered.

    Once an exhibit has been agreed upon a date is selected and reserved for the show. The
    exhibitor is asked to sign an exhibit contract. All exhibitors must sign an exhibitor’s
    contract. The exhibitor is expected to provide the library with an artist’s statement, titles
    of artworks and any other information needed for publicity. Publicity is coordinated
    through the library’s Community Relations department. The standard means of publicity
    is limited to the library’s in-house promotions and press releases to area media. The time
    line for these submissions will be detailed in the exhibit contract. The exhibit will be
    taken down by exhibitor and Gallery Librarian. Arrangements for the installation and
    take-down are agreed upon at the time the contract is signed.